Kue Ayas Malang # East Java – Indonesia

Kue Ayas, is special snack from Malang. Everytime my father go to East Java, he will buy this snack from it’s factory. It is made from glutinous rice flour and coconut milk with various filling. There’s peanut, sesame peanut and no filling type.

Nowadays, it’s hard to look for this snack in Malang. If you didn’t know where to buy, then you won’t find it.

Suddenly, there’s a big package from my aunty’s in Jember. It’s Kue Ayas. She said, one of her friends in Malang, help her buy it. But she didn’t know where.

There’s various taste now.

The brand is Kue Ayas Merah Putih Nam Hien. Actually, I don’t know what brand that I ate when I’m little. But the taste is the same. Only now there’s mocca flavour, and chocolate flavour.

Is there anyone who could tell me where to buy this? ^___^


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