Bromo – Jember – Banyuwangi – Gilimanuk – Ijen D3 # East Java – Indonesia

Today, my aunty will take me to accross the sea using ferry boat from Ketapang Banyuwangi, to Gilimanuk Bali, then go back again.

We eat breakfast at Pecel Bu Darum. It;s so famous and delicious.

my aunty buy Ramen Soup

Then we go to Banyuwangi. It took 2 hours to go there from Jember.

Arrive at Banyuwangi, first we go to Watu Dodol Beach. It’s a stone that stood in the middle of the street.

Then we spend time at one of the restaurant. Because we plan to eat lunch at Gilimanuk and the time is still early, so we spend time at a cafe.

view from Cafe
Tahu Pong
Capucino Ice
View from Cafe

The cafe, restaurant and also hotel

Then we go to Ketapang Port to board ferry. It cost IDR 150.000 for car for one way.

ready to entering ferry
Passenger Lounge, 2nd level ferry boat
Ready for arrival
queueing to go out

Arrive at Gilimanuk Port, Bali, we have to prepare our identity for check. And just remember, the time is 1 hour faster than Banyuwangi.

We go eat Ayam Betutu Men Tempeh Gilimanuk, which the original one and very famous.

It’s so so so spicy. I didn’t eat it, only take a little from my aunty because I’m sure I can’t handle the spicy. But actually, it’s delicious. Spicy, and Hot, and it makes my tongue burn and got a pain in the headache right after I try it.

Then, we go back to Gilimanuk Port Bali, to go back to Banyuwangi. Time flies, it’s already 3 o’clock in the evening.

The ferry is bigger then when we depart, it has 3 level.

Then we go back to Jember. On the way, we stop by Cafe Gumitir. It is a rest area.

This Giant Chair is inside Cafe Gumitir

Then we go back home and rest.


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