Fried Noodle Indomie

Because of the Pandemic Covid-19, we have to physical distancing, and less go out. So, I try to practise my video editor, then next time I can make vlog when travelling. The most simple to cook something in this world is, making Instant Noodle. Indomie is one of famous instant noodle brand in Indonesia … Continue reading Fried Noodle Indomie

Chitato Mie Goreng

Fried Noodle instant from Indomie, is very famous. And Chitato is potato snack that a lot of people like. So they combine their taste, and become Chitato with Fried Noodle Taste. When the rumour start, a lot of people wants to try it. And finally, they publish it. Credit:-

Warung Pak Man Magelang # Central Java – Indonesia

Located at Jalan Purworejo-Magelang, this food stall is really famous. If you like to eat Javanese Fried Rice / Noodle, this is one of the right place.