Spagheti Aglio Olio Beef

October 13, 2020

Today, I want to make Spagheti Aglio Olio Beef. It is a simple recipe.

What you need?
– Spagheti Instant
– Minched Beef
– Blackpepper
– Garlic
– Pepper, cut small
– Leek, cut small

How to make?
– Boiled the Spagheti until soft according to your taste
– Cook the minched beef, add the salt and salty soy sauce, and cook until it’s brown enough and the color is bautiful.
– After the spagheti is almost done, in another pan, put a little vegetable oil and garlic, cook until it smells good.
– Put the minched beef, and give salt and blackpepper
– After mixed well, put the spagheti, and mix well.
– When almost done, give pepper and leek
– Then it’s done.


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