Bimbimbap at Sokcho # Gangwon-do – South Korea

Near the intercity bus terminal, there’s a Bimbimbap Restaurant which quiet famous because it’s location. We ask the information centre in front of the bus terminal, and the staff told us to go here for lunch.

Once again, I’m not suitable with Korean Food. But I still can eat it.

As usual, we have to order at least 2 portion, and this is 2 portion of Bimbimbap.

Our lunch in front of Hoenggye Bus Terminal # Gangwon-do – South Korea

When we go to Daegwallyeong Samyang Ranch, we arrive there at noon and we decided to eat lunch near Hoenggye Bus Terminal. Based on can’t speak Korean, and don’t know what to eat because there’s no familiar food near there, so we decided to eat at the restaurant accross the bus station.

Ahjumma is very kindly. Fortunately, there’s picture for the food. So we eat pancake and cold noodle. And I don’t like it but have to eat it, because I don’t have any options.

I forgot to bring my Tripod when we finished eating and when we wants to go back to Seoul, I try to come here again and guess what, Ahjumma keep my tripod. hehe… Thank you Ahjumma…

Coco Curry Ichibanya 코코이찌방야, Gangnam # Seoul – South Korea

After drop our luggage, my friend take us to eat Curry at Gangnam.

Address: Yeoksam-dong 619-4

From Achasan Subway Station, take line 5 (purple) back to Gunja Station, then change to line 7 (dark green) to Express Bus Terminal, then change to line 9 (choco milk) to Sinnohyeon Station.

From Sinnohyeon, go to exit 7. You can see a big building, which is Kyobo Bookstore, a famous bookstore in South Korea. Just walk straight, and you can pass gangnam district famous street. There’s so many store in there, even when you see in each alley, there’s a lot of store, cafe and restaurant. Many people went there to enjoy the night.

Coco Curry Ichibanya in Gangnam, located in one of the alley. I’m not sure which alley from Sinnohyeon station. I thought, may the 2nd or 3rd on the left alley from the exit 7. Once you turn left, just walk straight (I remember it’s uphill road) then after pass intersection, you can see coco curry in the corner. 

My Choice

You can choose how much rice do you want and the level of spicy. You can also add more curry. I’m not fans of curry, but I’m fans of pork. So I just eat the pork with less curry. It’s suitable with my taste.

This Gangnam Street is quiet famous, there’s so many people espesially student and tourists.


After eat dinner, we say goodbye to our friend. He has to go back to Osan, Gyeonggi-do because tomorrow he has to work. So me and my other friend, walk along Gangnam, then back to Guesthouse from Gangnam Station.

PS: If you walk straight from exit 7 Sinnohyeon station, you will arrive at Gangnam Station

Extreme Fritters Ohjjang 오짱

There’s a delicious snack in Lotte Department Store. Actually, most of department store in South Korea has its branchs. It’s fried squid 꽃보다오짱, named Extreme Fritters.

There’s 2 flavour, original cost 6000 won and spicy cost 7000 won. We bought the original one.

It’s delicious. Have you ever been eat Jipai, taiwanese snack? The taste is like that, but this is squid. Jipai is chicken. Don’t forget to try it if you see the stan.

Jajangmyeon 자장면 / Korean Black Bean Sauce Noodle

When We ate lunch at Lotte Department Store in Busan, there’s so many choice to eat in there, but I’m curious with Jajangmyeon taste.

If you like to see Korean Drama or Reality Show, you will see the actor/actress eat Jajangmyeon. It’s Chinese Food in Korea. The taste sweet.

Jajangmyeon 자장면 or jjajangmyeon 짜장면 is a noodle dish topped with a thick sauce made of chunjang (a salty black soybean paste), diced pork and vegetables, and sometimes also seafood. Jajang (alternately spelled jjajang), the name of the sauce, is the Korean pronunciation of the Chinese characters 炸醬 (zhajiang), which literally means “fried sauce.” Myeon (also spelled myun) means “noodle”, which Chinese character is 麵 (mian).

The dish originated from zhajiangmian (炸醬麵, literally “fried sauce noodles”) in China’s Shandong region. The pronunciation of the dish’s name is nearly identical to that of its Korean counterpart. But Korean jajangmyeon differs from Chinese zhajiangmian, as Korean jjajangmyeon uses black Korean chunjang including caramel, and onions.

Credit: Wikipedia

Street of 쌈밥 Ssambap Restaurant Gyeongju # Gyeongsangbuk-do – South Korea

There’s a famous Ssambap Restaurant in Gyeongju Downtown. It called Street of Ssambap Restaurant.


Gyeongju Ssambap, is a unique part of Korean cuisine. Ssambap (쌈밥) is a rice dish served with a variety of vegetable leaves, meat, and side dishes. Rice is wrapped inside a vegetable leaf with meat and topped with condiments. Though ssambap is readily available in many regions, Gyeongju ssambap is characterized by the number and variety of side dishes. Using seasonal ingredients, the servings are always fresh and plentiful. Dozens of ssambap restaurants are located along the road near Daereungwon. 
Price: 9,000~10,000 won per person. 

I actually really want to try this Korean Cuisine. But maybe, it’s not suitable with my taste, so I’m not like it that much. We choose Korean Original Beef. I ended up only eating Rice and egg (one of the side dish).

Bulgogi Jungol / Korean Marinated Beef Gyeongju # Gyeongsangbuk-do – South Korea

When we go to Gyeongju Bulguksa Temple, there’s so many local restaurant nearby, and some of ahjumma give you a pamphlet with their restaurant menu. So be careful, once you take the pamphlet, ahjumma will calling you times to times as long as you are still in there. But for polite, just take the pamphlet and smile. Just pretend that you don’t know what they talking about if you didn’t want to eat in their restaurant.

This street located in front of Bulguksa Car Parking, there’s a lot of restaurant along this street.

We found Bulgogi restaurant and decided to eat Bulgogi. We have to order 2 portion minimum for 1 menu. I’m not understand why maybe because 1 portion of food is very little and the bowl or plate is designed for 2 portion. So they will serve the 2 portion become one bowl/plate. There’s also the side dish.

It’s yummy. It’s really different from what I ate outside Korea. And I really love the soup. It’s refreshing. Especially in cold autumn or winter.

Actually, eating in South Korea is quiet expensive (for me).

One portion of bulgogi Jungol cost 15.000 won (1 portion of bulgogi, 1 rice and 1 set of side dish). And we have to buy minimum 2 portion, so it cost 30.000 won (2 portion bulgogi, 2 rice, and set of side dish). Then we add another bowl of rice for 1.000 won, so for this lunch, we spent 31.000 won.
The exchange rate in Indonesia, approximately 12,3 won at that time. So we spent IDR 381.300 for 3 people.

Wow… That’s why I spent more money in eating. And 2 portion, is really much.

Ttaro gukbap (따로국밥)

Before go to the next destination, we go to a restaurant which my friends said it famous. It sells Gukbap 국밥. When we get there, there’s so many people eat there.

Gukbap are dishes developed from guk. The term literally means “soup with rice.” The dish is typically served in restaurants, and has become popular among the working class since the late Joseon Dynasty. (Wikipedia)

There’s many kind of Gukbap, and we choose Ttaro gukbap (따로국밥). And it’s really suitable to eat when winter, hot soup on cold weather.

It’s Pork Soup. And it’s delicious. There’s chili inside the soup, so if you don’t like spicy, you can carefully separate the chili first.

Dinner at 해운대시장 Haeundae Market

Because it’s in Haeundae Beach, so it means we have to eat seafood. Then we go to 해운대시장 Haeundae Market. The market looks nice, and sells many fresh seafood and vegetables.

So many restaurant, and we don’t know where to eat. So we decided to choose it random :D. This is our choice.

The restaurant name

We orderes 2 set of Sashimi and 1 set of fried fish.

It’s delicious. You should come and try the seafood here.

델리만쥬 Delimanjoo

On the way to Haeundae Station, we saw 델리만쥬 Delimanjoo Snack. When you googling Busan City at internet, you will found this snack. It’s very famous. So we try it.

Two kind of Delimanjoo.