Street of 쌈밥 Ssambap Restaurant Gyeongju # Gyeongsangbuk-do – South Korea

There’s a famous Ssambap Restaurant in Gyeongju Downtown. It called Street of Ssambap Restaurant.


Gyeongju Ssambap, is a unique part of Korean cuisine. Ssambap (쌈밥) is a rice dish served with a variety of vegetable leaves, meat, and side dishes. Rice is wrapped inside a vegetable leaf with meat and topped with condiments. Though ssambap is readily available in many regions, Gyeongju ssambap is characterized by the number and variety of side dishes. Using seasonal ingredients, the servings are always fresh and plentiful. Dozens of ssambap restaurants are located along the road near Daereungwon. 
Price: 9,000~10,000 won per person. 

I actually really want to try this Korean Cuisine. But maybe, it’s not suitable with my taste, so I’m not like it that much. We choose Korean Original Beef. I ended up only eating Rice and egg (one of the side dish).


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