Busan D3 (BGSNMK) – SK Trip 2014 # South Korea

Wake up late and it’s already 9 o’clock. Me and my friend, decided to walk around Busan Tower to spend time before go to Seoul.

We decided to go to the observatory floor. It cost 4000 Won.

We can see Busan City in 360 degree. And there’s a name of the place in each windows.

There’s a cafe inside the observatory and the wall full with Couple’s Wish.

After finished looking around, we go down then come to souvenir shop. I bought some magnetic here.

Too bad it’s cloudy and windy that day. But it’s still beautiful.

From Busan Tower, we drop by Hotel to Check-Out and keep our luggage there then go to Lotte Department Store Gwangbok Branch 롯데백화점 (부산 광복점). There’s a laser show inside the mall. Even it’s not big, but it’s enough to amazed us.

Don’t forget to go to the roof top. You can see just like what you see from Busan Tower with free. There’s a miniature of Busan Tower too, and also 3D angel wings and big gold coin. If you have free time, you can try to collect stamp of Busan Lotte Department Store.

At 12:45, we decided to go back to hotel to take our luggage, and ride taxi to Busan KTX Station which only cost 3000 won. It’s a little traffic on the way to KTX, and we have to drop by a little far from KTX Busan Station Entrance because of traffic. Fortunately, 13:30, we have already arrive at the platform.

The KTX cost 57.700 won from Busan to Seoul, and it tooks approximately 2.5 hours. Don’t forget to buy it online, in case you won’t get the seat, especially on Holiday.

KTX Website: http://info.korail.com/mbs/english/index.jsp

Click “Korail Pass Reservation (GO)” then choose RAIL TICKETS tab. (http://www.letskorail.com/ebizbf/EbizBfTicketSearch.do)

Choose the date travel (You can check the schedule and purchase train tickets 1 month before the train departure). Then departure and arrival destination (klik the loop, don’t type it because it won’t work). After that, click “INQUIRY”.

Click the Loop to see the fare.

If you have decided, then you can choose “SELECT” on the date and seat class that you choose. Then fill in your name and email adress. (Remember! Once saved, it can’t be edited, so make sure you input the right information).

Then klik NEXT

Choose Overseas Issued, then enter your credit card number for payment. Klik NEXT and your booking will proceed directly.

If you want to cancel or lookup your booking, you can go to “My Reservation” Option. (http://www.letskorail.com/ebizbf/EbizBfReservation.do)

If you have a problem to booking online, then when you arrive at South Korea, you can ask for the hotel owner to help you book the KTX ticket.

Goodbye Busan.. See you in the next Journey..


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