Busan D3 (BGSNMK) – SK Trip 2014 # South Korea

Wake up late and it's already 9 o'clock. Me and my friend, decided to walk around Busan Tower to spend time before go to Seoul. We decided to go to the observatory floor. It cost 4000 Won. We can see Busan City in 360 degree. And there's a name of the place in each windows. … Continue reading Busan D3 (BGSNMK) – SK Trip 2014 # South Korea

봉추찜닭 Bongchu Jjimdak

My first trip to Busan, we stay at Elysee Motel Busan and the owner is very kind. He give us any information about restaurant nearby and what to visit. Yangssi Sanghoe Restaurant Bongchu Jjimdak Restaurant (Bongchu-style seasoned and simmered chicken) Seoul Samgyetang Restaurant We decided to try Bongchu Jjimdak Restaurant. I heard that this is … Continue reading 봉추찜닭 Bongchu Jjimdak

엘리제모텔 Elysee Motel Busan # South Korea

When I'm travelling to Busan for the first time, I choose Elysee Motel Busan for my accomodation, because it's near Busan KTX Station. Elysee Motel Busan located near Exit 5 or 7 of Nampo Station. The owner give me email of map direction to the hotel from either exit. Altough it's only took 5-10 minutes … Continue reading 엘리제모텔 Elysee Motel Busan # South Korea