Coco Curry Ichibanya 코코이찌방야, Gangnam # Seoul – South Korea

After drop our luggage, my friend take us to eat Curry at Gangnam.

Address: Yeoksam-dong 619-4

From Achasan Subway Station, take line 5 (purple) back to Gunja Station, then change to line 7 (dark green) to Express Bus Terminal, then change to line 9 (choco milk) to Sinnohyeon Station.

From Sinnohyeon, go to exit 7. You can see a big building, which is Kyobo Bookstore, a famous bookstore in South Korea. Just walk straight, and you can pass gangnam district famous street. There’s so many store in there, even when you see in each alley, there’s a lot of store, cafe and restaurant. Many people went there to enjoy the night.

Coco Curry Ichibanya in Gangnam, located in one of the alley. I’m not sure which alley from Sinnohyeon station. I thought, may the 2nd or 3rd on the left alley from the exit 7. Once you turn left, just walk straight (I remember it’s uphill road) then after pass intersection, you can see coco curry in the corner. 

My Choice

You can choose how much rice do you want and the level of spicy. You can also add more curry. I’m not fans of curry, but I’m fans of pork. So I just eat the pork with less curry. It’s suitable with my taste.

This Gangnam Street is quiet famous, there’s so many people espesially student and tourists.


After eat dinner, we say goodbye to our friend. He has to go back to Osan, Gyeonggi-do because tomorrow he has to work. So me and my other friend, walk along Gangnam, then back to Guesthouse from Gangnam Station.

PS: If you walk straight from exit 7 Sinnohyeon station, you will arrive at Gangnam Station


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