Last Dinner in Sumba # NTT – Indonesia

Because the seafood last time is very delicious, so we ask the guide if we can eat dinner in there again. And it's indeed delicious. We really enjoy our last dinner in Sumba.

Dinner Seafood at Enjoy Aja Restaurant Sumba # NTT – Indonesia

Because Sumba is an island, so it suround by ocean. And this means, some of local's occupation is fisherman. So eating Seafood in its source is a must. So the guide take us to the famous seafood restaurant in Sumba, Enjoy Aja. And the seafood is really delicious.

Sumba unique Roasted Sea Urchin # NTT – Indonesia

When I'm travelling to Weekuri lake, the locals offer us an unique snack, Roasted Sea Urchin. Can you imagine it? Wow... I never knew that the sea urchin have meat wkwk... 1 sea urchin for IDR 10.000 And it taste not bad. Just like clam meat. And didn't fishy at all.

Karisma Seafood Magelang

One of My favourite place for seafood in Magelang is Karisma Seafood Magelang. Located at Jalan Diponegoro Magelang, near Gladiol Swimming Pool, open from 14:00-21:00. Fried FishFried Shrimp with Oyster SauceFried Squid

Warung Bajak Laut (2) Muntilan # Central Java – Indonesia

Today, we eat at Bajak Laut Seafood again. Fried Dorang Fish Fried Squid The Sambals

Warung Bajak Laut (1) Muntilan # Central Java – Indonesia

Warung Bajak Laut located at Muntilan City. If you come from Magelang, then once you entered Muntilan City, you have to turn right in the first intersection then turn right again when you arrive at intersection (main road). Warung Bajak Laut is in the left side. If you come from Yogyakarta, then after Muntilan Market, … Continue reading Warung Bajak Laut (1) Muntilan # Central Java – Indonesia


Dinner at 해운대시장 Haeundae Market

Because it's in Haeundae Beach, so it means we have to eat seafood. Then we go to 해운대시장 Haeundae Market. The market looks nice, and sells many fresh seafood and vegetables. So many restaurant, and we don't know where to eat. So we decided to choose it random :D. This is our choice. The restaurant name … Continue reading Dinner at 해운대시장 Haeundae Market

Risma Fresh Seafood Restaurant (4) Pangandaran # West Java – Indonesia

Another Dinner Menu Fresh Crab

Risma Fresh Seafood Restaurant (3) Pangandaran # West Java – Indonesia

Another menu for dinner

Risma Fresh Seafood Restaurant Pangandaran # West Java – Indonesia

When you go to Pangandran, try this restaurant: Risma Fresh Seafood Restaurant. We can choose the fresh seafood. We order:- Shrimp with Oyster Sauce- Roasted Shrimp- Fried Pomfret- Shimping with Oyster Sauce