Last Dinner in Sumba # NTT – Indonesia

Because the seafood last time is very delicious, so we ask the guide if we can eat dinner in there again. And it's indeed delicious. We really enjoy our last dinner in Sumba.

Extreme Fritters Ohjjang 오짱

There's a delicious snack in Lotte Department Store. Actually, most of department store in South Korea has its branchs. It's fried squid 꽃보다오짱, named Extreme Fritters. There's 2 flavour, original cost 6000 won and spicy cost 7000 won. We bought the original one. It's delicious. Have you ever been eat Jipai, taiwanese snack? The taste is … Continue reading Extreme Fritters Ohjjang 오짱


Risma Fresh Seafood Restaurant (2) Pangandaran # West Java – Indonesia

Another seafood time, this time for lunch. Those are the fresh seafood that we choose, guess what will it become?