Warung Bajak Laut (1) Muntilan # Central Java – Indonesia

Warung Bajak Laut located at Muntilan City.

If you come from Magelang, then once you entered Muntilan City, you have to turn right in the first intersection then turn right again when you arrive at intersection (main road). Warung Bajak Laut is in the left side.

If you come from Yogyakarta, then after Muntilan Market, Warung Bajak Laut is on the left side.

Warung Bajak Laut, is a famous seafood restaurant. Their business is grown fast. The owner told us, at first they only sell fish with small warung which only has 3 table. But now, the have more than 30 tables with capacity each table is 6-8 people.

My favourite food in here is, Fried Crab with Butter.

The other favourite food is Fried Fish (Kerapu / Dorang) with Green Chili Sauce, Fried Shrimp with Butter, Fried Squid, Roasted Shrimp with Honey Sauce, and many many more.

Try to come earlier from dinner time. Or you will have to wait because the restaurant is always crowded. Even the staff is very organize, but sometimes people make mistake.

The price is $, not too expensive. Only if you order shrimp, it’s for 1 person portion. The shrimp only consist of 4pcs. So, make sure to order more than 1 portion if you come with a big group.


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