The Cave of Virgin Mary & the Highest Mother Mary Statue Ambarawa # Central Java – Indonesia

With friends, I visited The Cave of Virgin Mary at Ambarawa. There’s a new hightes Mother Mary statue in here that when I visit there, the statue has not been blessed.

Located at Ambarawa, when you arrive at Ambarawa from Magelang, there’s a sign to turn left entering a small road. Just follow the road until you arrive the car park.

The statue right in the other side of car park.


With height 42m, the statue in here is the highest in the world. Before, Mother Mary highest statue located at Bulgaria with 32m. 

This is my 2nd time visit the cave. The place is full of green, and it’s peaceful.

the place if you want to pray

The park is unique. There’s a lot of plants with their name. There’s a food court near the car parking area, and you can choose your own taste. But don’t expect too much.


From Ambarawa, we go back to Magelang and eat Wedang Kacang.

The Famous Satay Banana


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