Boba Brown Sugar

July 07, 2020 Have you ever taste Boba Brown Sugar? It's a famous drink nowadays, and many people sell it. My sister in law, try to make the boba (bubble). The recipe: Water 250mlTapioca Flour 300grBrown Sugar 200grCold Water 250ml How to make? Cook Brown Sugar and water enough to make liquid sugar. Put the … Continue reading Boba Brown Sugar



When you go to the beach, the most favourite fruit that you always eat is coconut. The coconut tree Cocos nucifera is a member of the palm treefamily (Arecaceae) and the only living species of the genus Cocos. The term "coconut" can refer to the whole coconut palm, the seed, or the fruit, which botanically is a drupe, not a nut. The name comes from the old … Continue reading Coconut

Bond Cafe Magelang # Central Java – Indonesia (2)

Another hangout time with family at Bond Cafe. This time, me and my family eat lunch in here. Green Tea Ice The drink is so delicious, I love green tea, so this is one of my favourite. Penne Lover Penne Lover is made from penne, like macaroni but it as cylinder-shape pieces. And with beef … Continue reading Bond Cafe Magelang # Central Java – Indonesia (2)

Green Tea Drink

I bought some Green Tea Powder. It's delicious.

The Cabin Coffee Bar (2) Magelang # Central Java – Indonesia

Hangout time, at The Cabin Coffee Bar while celebrating Valentine's Day with friends.

Rumah Kopi, Bogeman, Magelang # Central Java – Indonesia

The place is small, but cozy. Too bad, it's open area. So if there's someone smoke, then we will go out with smoke smell. But so far it's a good place, located at Bogeman, Magelang. Just enter Rama Street after Ngasem Market (Jenderal Sudirman Street). The food is delicious and big portion.

Coffee House, Bruns Magelang # Central Java – Indonesia

The coffee drink in this cafe is delicious. You should try when you come to Magelang. Located at Pecinan (Pemuda Street), from Alun-Alun magelang City, about 200m.

Excelso Artos Magelang # Central Java – Indonesia

Today, is one of my best friend birthday. And she treat me and some friends, to lunch at Excelso Artos Magelang. My drink: Mega Mocha Shake My Order: Dori En Oats Address:Artos Mall, JL. Mayjen Bambang Sugeng, No. 1Phone:(0293) 3218992 Tips: It's Expensive for Magelang area, so prepare to spend more money.

Kona Beans # Seoul – South Korea

his cafe is owned by Super Junior. (Some of blog, said that it's some of Super Junior's Mom cafe) I just know after I enter the cafe. It's my friends who wants to came here. The cafe is cozy, and comfortable to hang-out with friends. If you go to Apgujeong Station, just go to exit … Continue reading Kona Beans # Seoul – South Korea

Dawet Ayu, special drink in Banjarnegara Area # Central Java – Indonesia

I often passed this area when I'm going to Pangandaran Beach. It's located in Banjarnegara Area. The drink name is Dawet Ayu. Dawet is the mix of cendol (the green vermicelli) coconut milk and Javanese sugar. And here, in Babharbegara area, it's very famous with the black Dawet. There's so many stall in the side … Continue reading Dawet Ayu, special drink in Banjarnegara Area # Central Java – Indonesia