Back to Indonesia — FZCJ Trip Day 11 # China

We have to wake up at 04:30 and go to airport because we will go back today. At 05:30, we go to Airport and depart at 08:20 with Cathay Pasific.

Arrive at Hongkong International Airport at 10:35, we walk around in the airport while waiting for our next flight at 16:00.

Then at 16:00, we go back to Jakarta.

Arrive at Jakarta, my cousin pick us up and we eat dinner together at Seafood Bandar PIK. Then they drop us at Hotel Amaris Soekarno-Hatta near Airport.

Amaris Bandara Hotel
Jl. Husein Sastranegara no. 1
Benda Airport Soekarno Hatta
Jakarta 15125

Chengdu Cuisine # Sichuan – China

Our first dinner in Chengdu, the agent give us Chengdu Specialities.

Chengdu 成都 City Tour — FZCJ Trip Day 07 # China

Because we arrive late, so the local guide give us time to sleep more. We depart at 09:00.

This is my 2nd time come to Sichuan Province, but at the first time I didn’t explore Chengdu. And this will be my 2nd time to visit Huanglong and Jiuzhaigou too.

We go to Chengdu Research Base Panda. But because the weather is still hot, the panda didn’t active in the outside but they sleep in their room.

There’s Red Panda too.

We see this cute peacock too.

Then we go to eat lunch.
And go shopping at Government Silk Shop. We also go to Wide and Narrow Street 宽窄巷子.

Then we go eat dinner, and shopping at Chunxi Road.
Then watch Changing Face Show which very famous in Chengdu which cost RMB 180 (This is my 2nd time watch this show)

And we go back to hotel to rest because tomorrow we need to take early morning flight.

Explore Zhangjiajie 张家界 day 3 — FZCJ Day 06 # Hunan – China

At 08:00 we walk to Yuanjiajie Park 袁家界.

Then after eating lunch, we go to Baofeng Lake 宝峰湖 and ride boat in there.

There’s souvenir shop in there.

Then we continue to explore this place.

Then we go to sand gallery picture.

After eat dinner, we go to airport to take flight to Chengdu at 23:30. But we got delayed to 01:00.

Arrive at Chengdu, we go to hotel for rest.

Back to Chengdu # Sichuan – China

After visiting Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong, we have to go back to Chengdu. We ride the bus for about 11-12 hours. And there’s broken road, so we have to queue to be able to pass, we stranded in the middle of the road for about 2 hours.

Our guide’s job is finished. He only guide us at Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong. He is so kind, and very handsome. So we take picture together before separate.

Arrived at 成都 Chengdu then ride bus to 九寨沟 Jiuzhaigou # Sichuan – China

We arrived at 成都 Chengdu at midnight. Then we check-in to Hotel. We only sleep for few hours, then in the morning, wake up then eat breakfast then ride bus to 九寨沟 Jiuzhaigou. It took approximately 11 hours journey.

We, 18 people, plus 3 Korean friends and the guide. Feels the bus is us, so we can call is our private tour.

The weater is cool at 成都 Chengdu, because it’s early spring. We passed the river, mountain and cliff.

At first, we still can see river and the green tree.

As time goes by, we going uphill and it become colder. We can see snow in the peak.

It’s cold but beautiful. Around the road was cliff. So the driver has to be extra careful. It’s slippery too because of snow.

Finally we arrived at 九寨沟 Jiuzhaigou. We eat dinner at one of 九寨沟 Jiuzhaigou Local’s house while enjoy their singing and dancing. The famous food in here is lamb meat 羊肉 yang rou (lamb meat) and Yak Meat (kind of cow) 牛肉 niu rou with famous spicy powder, Mala 麻辣 from 四川 Sichuan.

Then they teach us to dance. We all follow the dance and wear some local costume. It’s fun, especially I went there with my best friends.

After that, we back to hotel to take a rest.

Wuyi Holiday, Jiuzhaigou Trip with friends # Sichuan – China

In China, there’e 3 long holiday. 1st is Chinese New Year, 2nd is Labor Day at 1st May, and 3rd is China’s Independent Day 1st October.

The 1st May is coming, and we have 1 week holiday. Today, is the last day of our school. So we decided to join tour to Jiuzhaigou. We take tour from some travel agent which open at the ground floor of our dorm.

Me and my friends, there’s 18 people, gathering at the dorm lobby in the afternoon, then take bus to Beijing Capital International Airport. The shuttle bus already include in the tour.

During our ride, we passed some road that we seldom go.

We arrived at Chengdu at night. And because this is a cheap tour, don’t expect some 4/5 stars hotel. 🙂 It’s really different with one that you take tour from your country. It’s local tour, with Chinese Guide.

Time to sleep and ready for the next day.