Chengdu 成都 City Tour — FZCJ Trip Day 07 # China

Because we arrive late, so the local guide give us time to sleep more. We depart at 09:00.

This is my 2nd time come to Sichuan Province, but at the first time I didn’t explore Chengdu. And this will be my 2nd time to visit Huanglong and Jiuzhaigou too.

We go to Chengdu Research Base Panda. But because the weather is still hot, the panda didn’t active in the outside but they sleep in their room.

There’s Red Panda too.

We see this cute peacock too.

Then we go to eat lunch.
And go shopping at Government Silk Shop. We also go to Wide and Narrow Street 宽窄巷子.

Then we go eat dinner, and shopping at Chunxi Road.
Then watch Changing Face Show which very famous in Chengdu which cost RMB 180 (This is my 2nd time watch this show)

And we go back to hotel to rest because tomorrow we need to take early morning flight.


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