HSK5 Result and sudden tought to pursued Master Degree

May 11th, 2021 Today the HSK5 result is come out. And unexpected, I passed it with more than 70% score. Actually, I'm very surprised too because I feel that I didn't doing well when exam. The minimum score for HSK5 to passed is 180 (60%). If you passed HSK5, means you have a greater chance … Continue reading HSK5 Result and sudden tought to pursued Master Degree

The exam day HSK5

April 24th, 2021 It's the day. The exam took place at 13:30 until 15:30. At 12:30, I have prepare already at the exam place and place all the laptop, smartphone and tripod in the destinated place according when we are doing the simulation. The examiner check our id (passport) then exam ID. Then at 13:00, … Continue reading The exam day HSK5

Simulation of HSK5 Test – 2021 HSK5 Exam

April 17th, 2021 Today there will be a simulation. They will test our google meet and the position of the smartphone. It started at 10:00, so at 09:00, I bring my laptop, tripod and smartphone to my exam place, and then set all the device properly. They give us google meet id then we join. … Continue reading Simulation of HSK5 Test – 2021 HSK5 Exam

The HSK Exam ID – 2021 HSK5 Exam

April 14th, 2021 The teacher in the Whatsapp Group inform us to download the exam ID and then print it. We can find it in our account in http://www.chinesetest.cn. There's a 打印 / print button in the page. Just open and follow the instruction.

Can I passed HSK5? – 2021 HSK5 Exam

Early April 2021 I want to know my Chinese level because it's been a long time for me to take the HSK test. I only have 1 test before in 2007 and that time it's HSK beginner. And I got Level B Mark. Nowadays it is HSK versi 2.0, there's HSK1-6. HSK1-2-3 for beginner, HSK4-5 … Continue reading Can I passed HSK5? – 2021 HSK5 Exam

Meng Ran 夢然 – Shao Nian 少年

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qb2d7gEw0TA Meng Ran 夢然 - Shao Nian 少年 - Juvenile - Remaja 换种生活 让自己变的快乐huan zhong sheng huo, rang zi ji bian de kuai lechange the style of life, let us happiermengubah gaya hidup, untuk membuat kita lebih bahagia 放弃执著 天气就会变的不错fang qi zhi zhuo, tian qi jiu hui bian de bu cuogive up the stubborn, and … Continue reading Meng Ran 夢然 – Shao Nian 少年

Li Xin Rong 李欣融 – Ting Wo Shuo Xie Xie Ni 听我说谢谢你

https://youtu.be/SC1ackcjxN4 Li Xin Rong 李欣融 - Ting Wo Shuo Xie Xie Ni 听我说谢谢你 (Hear me say Thank You / Dengarkan aku berterimakasih) 送给你小心心,送你花一朵song gei ni xiao xin xin, song ni hua yi duoI give you little of my love and give you a flowerKuberikan sedikit bagian dari cintaku, dan kuberikan setangkai bunga untukmu 你在我生命中,太多的感动|ni zai … Continue reading Li Xin Rong 李欣融 – Ting Wo Shuo Xie Xie Ni 听我说谢谢你

Culinary Trip with guest from Salatiga

October 02, 2020 My cousin from Salatiga has something to do in Magelang, so they ask me for some culinary place and ask me to join them. Because I have nothing to do, so I promise them to going with them. They said, they will arrive Magelang around 11:30 am. So I decided to buy … Continue reading Culinary Trip with guest from Salatiga

Roll Cake

September 30th, 2020 Today, I made roll cake for my brother's birthday. This is my first time to make roll cake after 10 years. It's not too smoothly but taste delicious.

Homemade Topping Pizza

September 26, 2020 https://youtu.be/LW_PLONQY-s Homemade Topping Pizza has simple ingredients. You just need to buy Instant Pizza Bread in Supermarket, and add your favourite topping such as minched beef, sausage, mozzarela, chedar cheese, etc. Put everything on the instant bread, with tomato sauce and pepper if you like, or any season that you like, and … Continue reading Homemade Topping Pizza