Can I passed HSK5? – 2021 HSK5 Exam

Early April 2021

I want to know my Chinese level because it’s been a long time for me to take the HSK test. I only have 1 test before in 2007 and that time it’s HSK beginner. And I got Level B Mark.

Nowadays it is HSK versi 2.0, there’s HSK1-6. HSK1-2-3 for beginner, HSK4-5 for Intermediate, and HSK6 for Advanced.

HSK1: For those who able to understand the basic of Chinese, and make a simple sentence using Chinese.

HSK2: For those who able to use Chinese in common life and able to solve simple problem using Chinese

HSK3: For those who able to use full Chinese in life, learning and work field.

HSK4: For those who able to use Chinese in some complicated topic.

HSK5: For those who able to use Chinese in more specific subject, usually you need to learn Chinese at least 2 years or have vocab about 2500 words.

HSK6: For those who able to use Chinese in society activity, just like Chinse is your mother language.

And because of Pandemic, the HSK test is held in Online Test. And of course, I will take this chance. First we have to know when will the test take. For me, there’s one in 24th April so I decided to register. For register, you can register online at

And choose the closest place that will act as your examiner. This time, I choose Yogyakarta as the closest one to my city. Even tough it’s only 1 hours to go to Yogyakarta, but still I need to take the test online.

For online test, you need a laptop / PC that have webcam and audio device, a smartphone and a tripod.

After register, then they will contact you and inform you to test your laptop, is it able to open the HSK test application or not and make sure the speaker, microphone and webcam is working. Then if everything is working, you can make payment before the deadline.

I register at 10th April 2021, and then at 12th April, they send me email about application link and added me to Whatsapp Group. Actually, 10th April is the last day to register, so I think I’m very lucky. Please pay attention to the deadline, and don’t miss it. Ask if you have any questions.

The smartphone and tripod is use to watching us while on test. They will share google meet link and then while on test, we can’t turn off the smartphone and make sure the baterai is enough for about 2 hours test. The smartphone and tripod will be placed behind us about 1 meters in left or right so they able to watch us 360 degrees.

If everything is work, then you can pay for the test fee. For HSK5, I pay for IDR 550.000.

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