Souvenir from Netherland

Working in Travel Agency, make me meet a lot of new people and I always try to give the best service for my guest. And I often got many souvenir from them. Yesterday, I got one from my guest that just come back on March 2020 from Netherland.

Actually, he should be back on end of April 2020 but because covid-19 and afraid if he can’t go back, so he reschedule his ticket to end of March 2020.

He buy the ticket from me, so I help him to reschedule. So he give me this souvenir. Even it’s late, but that time, we all have to stay at home so I can understand.

Thank you..

Reschedule and Refund Airline Ticket from Travel Agent / OTA (Online Travel Agent) because of Pandemic Corona Virus (Covid-19)

Sometimes, we prefer to buy flight ticketing from travel agent or OTA because we want simple ways. But if we have to cancel or reschedule the flight, we have to contact the travel agent / OTA itself.

Travel Agent

As a travel agency, because of Corona Virus / Covid-19, many people cancel and ask for refund. And thoise who buy flight ticketing from me, they only able to make refund / reschedule through my agency. Started from March 2020, many people ask for refund. And so far, only certain airline has already process the refund.

Online Travel Agent (OTA)

1. Traveloka

To make refund / reschedule for your flight, please click here. Make sure your flight ticketing available for reschedule with free waiver or refund, if needed, you can email the airline first and give the screen shot of airline reply to traveloka, so Traveloka can help you proceed your ticket. Please be patient, and follow up as often as possible.


For more information about reschedule and refund from, click here.

3. Agoda

I have 2 non-refundable voucher from Agoda. And due this Covid-19, I’m very sure I won’t travelling. So I try to contact the hotel by email, and inform them my reason (besides some my flight has been cancelled), and all of them reply me that I’m able to get refund through Agoda.

Then I will contact Agoda, with screenshot from the hotel’s reply. And Agoda respons me within 24 hours that they are able to give me refund, but by Agoda Cash. No problem, I often use Agoda to book my accomodation. And within 7 workdays, the Agoda cash has been updated and ready to use.

First time Apply South Korea Tourists Single Entry Visa (2014)

Today, I went to Nusantara Tour Yogyakarta to apply South Korean Tourist Visa. If you live in Jakarta, you can apply the visa directly to the embassy. But because I live far away from Jakarta, so I and also some of my friends decided to apply the visa by travel agent.

To apply visit South Korean visa, you need C-3-2 visa. First, you needed some document (This information for Indonesian Residents, you can see it in here).
PS: I will write it in Indonesian.

  • Paspor asli (masa berlaku lebih dari 6 bulan sebelum tanggal habis berlaku)
  • Fotokopi paspor (halaman identitas depan-belakang beserta visa/cap negara-negara yang telah dikunjungi)
  • Formulir Aplikasi Visa (download disini)
  • Foto 3×4 berlatarbelakang putih sebanyak 2 lembar
  • Kartu Keluarga
  • Surat Keterangan Kerja / Surat Sponsor (dibubuhkan stempel perusahaan/toko) dan fotokopi SIUP dari tempat bekerja
  • Surat Keterangan Mahasiswa / Pelajar bagi yang masih bersekolah
  • Surat Referensi dari Bank (asli)
  • Fotokopi Bukti Keuangan Bank 3 bulan terakhir (legalisir bank)
  • Fotokopi NPWP
  • Fotokopi SPT Tahunan 
  • Tiket Pesawat PP yang sudah konfirm
  • Konfirmasi pemesanan hotel
  • Itinery perjalanan selama di Korea Selatan

English Version:

  • Passport (more than 6 months before expired date) and copy passport (copy the identity front page and last page, and also the page which consist of visa/stemple of country that you have visited)
  • Visa Application Form, you can download it in here
  • Photo 3×4 with background white, 2pcs
  • Copy of Kartu Keluarga
  • Sponsorship Letter from company where you work (with stemple), and copy of SIUP
  • Student Letter for those who still study
  • Reference letter from bank company (original from bank)
  • Copy of proof financial from bank account for the last 3 months (autorized by bank)
  • Copy of NPWP
  • Copy of SPT
  • Confirmation of flight round trip
  • Confirmation of Hotel Booking
  • Trip itinery in South Korea

NB: Different country has different requirement. So, it’s better if you contact South Korean Embassy in your country for more details.

Because I’m applying at travel agent, so I need to pay more than the original cost. But it’s okay because the flight cost to Jakarta is more expensive than apply visa at travel agent cost.

It take 7-10 days (workday) to proccess. And if the embassy ask for additional document, they will notify you.

So I have approximately 2 weeks to waiting and pray, hope I got the visa.

> For copy of proof financial, there’s no minimum requirement for it. As long as the cost enough to cover your journey in South Korea (just count 1 days = 100 USD), and 3 months before you apply, make sure your account has an active transaction (credit and debit).