Do you love shopping? Or maybe travelling?

Want to get cashback each time you doing online transactions? Especially, nowadays when we use online to shopping or booking anything.

I found this website one year ago and starting using it. And now, I already got some cashback, at least it can be used for buying daily needs.

The website name is shopback. I’m using the one that located in Indonesia.

Website: Shopback

What’s the benefit?

I know you like to shopping in Tokopedia, Shopee, JD.ID, Bukalapak, etc. And booking hotel in,, etc.

If you are using Shopback website to online shopping, you can get any cashback from those transactions. And it depends of how much you spend the money.

At first, I didn’t believe it, how come there’s a website like this. But after about 1 year, and I have already withdraw some cashback, then I dare to inform you about this.

So, do you want to try it? Just register here, and start to shopping. Don’t forget, to always make the transactions via shopback. Don’t worry, from Shopback, you will always go to the merchant website, and make transactions in there, and you still be able to use wallet money like OVO, Gopay, Shopeepay to pay.

Happy Shopping!

Reschedule and Refund Airline Ticket from Travel Agent / OTA (Online Travel Agent) because of Pandemic Corona Virus (Covid-19)

Sometimes, we prefer to buy flight ticketing from travel agent or OTA because we want simple ways. But if we have to cancel or reschedule the flight, we have to contact the travel agent / OTA itself.

Travel Agent

As a travel agency, because of Corona Virus / Covid-19, many people cancel and ask for refund. And thoise who buy flight ticketing from me, they only able to make refund / reschedule through my agency. Started from March 2020, many people ask for refund. And so far, only certain airline has already process the refund.

Online Travel Agent (OTA)

1. Traveloka

To make refund / reschedule for your flight, please click here. Make sure your flight ticketing available for reschedule with free waiver or refund, if needed, you can email the airline first and give the screen shot of airline reply to traveloka, so Traveloka can help you proceed your ticket. Please be patient, and follow up as often as possible.


For more information about reschedule and refund from, click here.

3. Agoda

I have 2 non-refundable voucher from Agoda. And due this Covid-19, I’m very sure I won’t travelling. So I try to contact the hotel by email, and inform them my reason (besides some my flight has been cancelled), and all of them reply me that I’m able to get refund through Agoda.

Then I will contact Agoda, with screenshot from the hotel’s reply. And Agoda respons me within 24 hours that they are able to give me refund, but by Agoda Cash. No problem, I often use Agoda to book my accomodation. And within 7 workdays, the Agoda cash has been updated and ready to use.