First time Apply South Korea Tourists Single Entry Visa (2014)

Today, I went to Nusantara Tour Yogyakarta to apply South Korean Tourist Visa. If you live in Jakarta, you can apply the visa directly to the embassy. But because I live far away from Jakarta, so I and also some of my friends decided to apply the visa by travel agent.

To apply visit South Korean visa, you need C-3-2 visa. First, you needed some document (This information for Indonesian Residents, you can see it in here).
PS: I will write it in Indonesian.

  • Paspor asli (masa berlaku lebih dari 6 bulan sebelum tanggal habis berlaku)
  • Fotokopi paspor (halaman identitas depan-belakang beserta visa/cap negara-negara yang telah dikunjungi)
  • Formulir Aplikasi Visa (download disini)
  • Foto 3×4 berlatarbelakang putih sebanyak 2 lembar
  • Kartu Keluarga
  • Surat Keterangan Kerja / Surat Sponsor (dibubuhkan stempel perusahaan/toko) dan fotokopi SIUP dari tempat bekerja
  • Surat Keterangan Mahasiswa / Pelajar bagi yang masih bersekolah
  • Surat Referensi dari Bank (asli)
  • Fotokopi Bukti Keuangan Bank 3 bulan terakhir (legalisir bank)
  • Fotokopi NPWP
  • Fotokopi SPT Tahunan 
  • Tiket Pesawat PP yang sudah konfirm
  • Konfirmasi pemesanan hotel
  • Itinery perjalanan selama di Korea Selatan

English Version:

  • Passport (more than 6 months before expired date) and copy passport (copy the identity front page and last page, and also the page which consist of visa/stemple of country that you have visited)
  • Visa Application Form, you can download it in here
  • Photo 3×4 with background white, 2pcs
  • Copy of Kartu Keluarga
  • Sponsorship Letter from company where you work (with stemple), and copy of SIUP
  • Student Letter for those who still study
  • Reference letter from bank company (original from bank)
  • Copy of proof financial from bank account for the last 3 months (autorized by bank)
  • Copy of NPWP
  • Copy of SPT
  • Confirmation of flight round trip
  • Confirmation of Hotel Booking
  • Trip itinery in South Korea

NB: Different country has different requirement. So, it’s better if you contact South Korean Embassy in your country for more details.

Because I’m applying at travel agent, so I need to pay more than the original cost. But it’s okay because the flight cost to Jakarta is more expensive than apply visa at travel agent cost.

It take 7-10 days (workday) to proccess. And if the embassy ask for additional document, they will notify you.

So I have approximately 2 weeks to waiting and pray, hope I got the visa.

> For copy of proof financial, there’s no minimum requirement for it. As long as the cost enough to cover your journey in South Korea (just count 1 days = 100 USD), and 3 months before you apply, make sure your account has an active transaction (credit and debit).

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