Limaran, Grand Artos Aerowisata 9th Floor, Magelang # Central Java – Indonesia

I have IDR 300.000 voucher for eating at Limaran because my brother’s wedding was held inside Grand Artos Aerowisata Ballroom. And the voucher valid until 16th April 2016. So, today, Me and my brothers and sisters in law, with my niece, go there to eat snack.

The price here is not too expensive for hotel. It’s standard. And we end up order a lot of things.

Chicken Wings
Spaghetty Carbonara
Fish Chip

Pandan Coffee and Resto, Grand Artos Aerowisata Hotel (1) Magelang # Central Java – Indonesia

Yesterday is my brother’s birthday and today is my uncle birthday. And they decided to celebrate together.

It took place at Pandan Restaurant, a restaurant inside Grand Artos Aerowisata Hotel. Just remember, you have to make reservation if you wants to table menu with Chinese Food. If you satisfied with ala carte, there’s Indonesian, Western and Asian menu.

Salad Udang
Corn Soup with Asparagus and Crab Meat
Hongkong Style Fried Chicken
Beef Teriyaki
Fried So’un
Birthday Fried Noodle
Pok Coy Oyster Sauce
Kakap Tausi with Tofu
Puding Longan Ice
Birthday Cake