Villa Sumbing Indah, Kalegen Magelang # Central Java – Indonesia

My cousin’s wife and his children still in Magelang, after celebrate Chinese New Year together. So I took them to eat dinner at Villa Sumbing Indah, Kalegen- Magelang. (

Villa Sumbing Indah is a hotel, with western restaurant. We come here to eat their steak. I made reservation at 15:00 for reservation at 17:00. They said, we have to come on time because so many people reserved for that day. It’s long weekend, so I’m not surprised if a lot of people will come here to eat.

The place was comfortable to hangout.

Actually, it’s been many times I’m eating here. And for real, the taste always different. I don’t know why. But fortunately, today the taste of food was really delicious.

Villa Sumbing Indah
Kalegen, Magelang, Jawa Tengah 56151, Indonesia
Telp: +622935529577

For appetizer, they give us “Keripik Singkong” (, special snack from Magelang. Here’s the main course:

After the main course, I bought some dessert.


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