PJJP :: Mount Telomoyo Magelang Regency / Semarang Regency # Central Java – Indonesia

July 12, 2020

Today’s PJJP / morning walk is in Mount Telomoyo. Some of us didn’t hike until the peak, and some of us hike until the peak. And I’m here, I only hike about 5km, and because I have some senior with me, and fortunately there’s an empty jeep that going up so we ride the jeep.

Mount Telomoyo is a stratovolcano in Central JavaIndonesia. The volcano was constructed over the southern flank of the eroded Pleistoceneage Soropati volcano, which has a height of 1,300 metres (4,300 ft). The Soropati volcano collapsed during the Pleistocene, leaving a U-shaped depression. Mount Telomoyo grows on the southern side of the depression, reaching over 600 metres (2,000 ft) above the depression’s rim.

source: Wikipedia

We start from Ngablak basecamp Cakrawala Point area. From here, you can go up using motorcycle or rent a jeep. It’s IDR 150.000/one way. You can climb from another route too.

This basecamp is the one bigger because there’s a car park and many people going up using motorcycle. Car park is IDR 5.000/car.

We started to hike and about 1.5 km, we found this stone hill. Very beautiful, and heard that it should has a artificial waterfall. But that time, they turn it off because they are building a dragon statue.

Then we arrive at 1st post. The view is amazing.

2nd Post

The road to the peak is very nice, and didn’t difficult at all.

After about 5km, the jeep is coming.

After a while, we arrive at the peak. The scene from the peak is very beautiful.

In the peak, there’s so many antenna.

You can see many mountain from the Mount Telomoyo’s Peak. I don’t know the precise because some of the sky were covered by cloud.

While waiting for the jeep pick us up, we enjoy the view.

Then after the jeep arrive, we go back to the basecamp because we are afraid if everyone is waiting for us already.

Actually, there are many people riding motorcycle to go up and it’s very crowded. Hopefully, they still pay attention to new normal condition: Physical Distancing and wearing mask.

Hash :: Genito, Windusari, Magelang # Central Java – Indonesia

Woke up early to hash today. Hash destination is Genito, at Windusari Regency, Magelang.

We drove there before sunrise. So we can see the sunrise on the way. It’s beautiful. 

I took the photo from the car. We can see Mount Sumbing near the area, and Mount Merapi & Mount Merbabu at the sunrise area. When we arrive there, the sun was almost rise.

Then we start to walk. The view was amazing. Around us was green. After work everyday, and only see computer, it feels fresh to see the green. Green is my favourite colour too.

Here’s the track:

4.26 km was today’s route. The track was okay, but when almost arrived to finish, the path was climb. And too tiring. But it’s healthy, feels fresh after finished. 

Hash :: Kedung Kayang, Ketep, Blabak # Central Java – Indonesia

What is Hash? Hash, is a kind of sport, when we can walk either run. The track is various, sometimes in the road, sometimes in the forest, sometimes in the village. Just according to the host. In Indonesia, most of big city has HASH organization. In one city, there can be more than 1 organization. Hash also available in the world. Every 2 years, there’s InterHash Event. In 2012, the event hold in Magelang, my city. In 2014, will be held in China, Hainan Island.

Every Wednesday, I will be join hash in Magelang, which held by Magelang Hash House Harriers. Another Hash Organization in Magelang such as Union Hash, and 9 Naga Hash.

For more information about hash: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hash_House_Harriers

This time, we hash at Kedung Kayang, Ketep. Which near Merapi Mountain, one of active volcano in Indonesia. Here’s some photos of Merapi Mountain (took by my Iphone, I didn’t bring my Nikon)

Explore Zhangjiajie 张家界 day 2 — FZCJ Day 05 # Hunan – China

Because it’s raining, so we change evening schedule into morning activity. Firstly, we go to

Yellow Dragon Cave 黄龙洞 (credit)

Yellow Dragon Cave, known as “the wonder of the world’s caves”, is one of the largest caverns in China. It is a karst cave, full of stalagmites, stalactites, underground streams, and large caverns.

Height: 140 meters in its highest cavern

Length: 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) — it’s not all open to touring

Area: 48 hectares (120 acres)

Time needed: 2 hours

Entrance fee: 100 yuan

Then we go back to Zhangjiajie National Park, we will visit Tianzi Shan 天子山.

Tianzi Shan 天子山

Location: in the northern part of Wulingyuan Scenic Area in Hunan Province
Height: the highest peak is about 1,262m (4,140 feet)
Area: 67 square kilometers (16,550 acres)

Tianzi (Son of Heaven) Mountain Nature Reserve is one of the four scenic spots in Wulingyuan (three other spots are Zhangjiajie National Forest ParkSuoxi Valley Nature Reserve and Yangjiajie Scenic Area)

Tianzi Mountain provides stunning views of peaks, which rise one after another. It is known as ‘the Monarch of the Peak Forest‘. At the top of the mountain, visitors can see the full extent of the Wulingyuan Scenic Area. Beautiful scenes of the mountain greet visitors in different seasons. There are four wonders: the Sea of Clouds, the Radiance of the Moonlight, Rays of Sunshine and the Snow in winter. (credit)

The Lift to go down

This is where AVATAR movie, a science fiction movie from America. We will walk around at the peak and when it’s foggie, it’s more beautiful.

Then at night, some of us will watch the show. But the others didn’t want to watch and because it’s unconvenient to go back to hotel, so we have to wait in the bus.

After the show ended, we all go back to hotel for rest.