Hash :: Kedung Kayang, Ketep, Blabak # Central Java – Indonesia

What is Hash? Hash, is a kind of sport, when we can walk either run. The track is various, sometimes in the road, sometimes in the forest, sometimes in the village. Just according to the host. In Indonesia, most of big city has HASH organization. In one city, there can be more than 1 organization. Hash also available in the world. Every 2 years, there’s InterHash Event. In 2012, the event hold in Magelang, my city. In 2014, will be held in China, Hainan Island.

Every Wednesday, I will be join hash in Magelang, which held by Magelang Hash House Harriers. Another Hash Organization in Magelang such as Union Hash, and 9 Naga Hash.

For more information about hash: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hash_House_Harriers

This time, we hash at Kedung Kayang, Ketep. Which near Merapi Mountain, one of active volcano in Indonesia. Here’s some photos of Merapi Mountain (took by my Iphone, I didn’t bring my Nikon)


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