Bukit Indah Hotel & Restaurant Wonosari # Special Region of Yogyakarta – Indonesia

This restaurant is located at Bukit Patuk, Jl. Raya Jogja Wonosari Km. 15, Yogyakarta, 300m above Yogya City. When you go to Baron Beach or any other beach in there, you will pass this place. Easy to find this place, because the road is comfortable, and big enough to notice.

Because the high location, we can enjoy the sunset from here with Yogya City as background. And when the night come, one by one, the light from Yogya City will be on, make the situation more romantic. The restaurant is available inside building, and open sky.

Various menu is available in here; western, chinese, indonesian food, seafood you can enjoy everything while enjoy the scene. But the food a little expensive, and average taste. You can also stay in here, because they provide accomodation too.

More info: http://hotelmurahjgj.blogspot.com/2013/02/bukit-indah-restaurant-hotel-resort.html

When I arrived in here, it’s not dawn yet, so the scene is usual. We only drink coffee and eat snack.


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