Bandung D3 # West Java – Indonesia

Today is our last day in Bandung.

We eat breakfast at Hotel. It’s buffet breakfast, and Harris Hotel has variety breakfast menu. We meet with some relatives in there, and hangout for a while.

After breakfast, we go to Trans Studio Mall. We walk around the mall, and eat lunch in there.

I take my mom and sister-in-law to Trans Studio Bandung to take some picture. We only take picture, and not go in there because we didn’t have much time already. The ticket price is IDR 270.000/pax in weekend.

After lunch, my mom wants to go to Riau FO again, so we go to Secret Factory Outlet. Then we buy some snack at Kartika Sari & Prima Rasa.

At Kartika Sari, I like to buy their soes cookies and cheese stick. It’s crispy and soft. And those who like Bollen with various flavor, this is the best place to buy.

At Prima Rasa, I like to buy Bagelen with various flavor like mocca, pizza, cheese, etc.

After that, we go to Husein Sastranegara Bandung International Airport. No traffic jam on the journey to the airport. But after we passed the gate, there’s a long jam on the way to departure hall.

So, you have to go early to the airport if you have flight from Bandung.

When you want to enter the check-in building, it’s also have a long queue.

The flight from Yogyakarta to Bandung, and from Bandung to Yogyakarta only there are Lion Group (Lion and Wings Air). We fly with Lion Air, from Bandung to Yogya at 16:15-17:10.

The flight is on schedule, and there’s no delay. And it landing smoothly.

See you in the next trip…

Bandung D2 # West Java – Indonesia

We arrive at Bandung at 05:21. I rent a car with driver, via Prambanan Car Rental, recommendation from one of my relatives. If you need some information, please contact me by comment this blog.

I call the driver, Mr Harry, and he said he has already waiting for us at station. Then we decided to meet in front of Yogya Market.

He is a nice guy, and very polite. I’m satisfied with their service, and when I go back to Bandung, I surely will contact them again to take us traveling in Bandung.

Firstly, we go back to hotel because we barely sleeping at the train. It’s so cold. Remember to bring your warm clothes if you travelling by train, especially at night.

We stay at Harris Hotel and Convention Festival CTLink, located at Jalan Peta no 241 Bandung. It’s near the Bandung Station, and located right beside Festival CTLink Mall. Our event is happened inside Harris Hotel & Convention Festival CTLink Ballroom, so we decided to stay here.

We bought the voucher via travel agent, with price IDR 560.000/room/night without breakfast, and IDR 670.400/room/night with breakfast (Need reservation, please contact me).

I booked the first night without breakfast (Actually, I don’t need this, but because we arrive at 05:21, and we have to pay half if we check-in early at 07:00, so we decided to booked 1 day early and we can check-in at 06:00), then the 2nd night with breakfast.

The hotel located at 3rd floor, and you have to go up using lift from the lobby. For the 2nd day, I need extra bed because we are 3 people. The extra bed cost IDR 300.000/room/night and pay at receptionist.

After check-in, we decided to sleep for a while until 8 o’clock.

At 8 o’clock, we wake up, and get ready for our trip. First, we eat breakfast, I decided to try Mie Naripan.

The Soup
The Soup with Meat Ball
Pork Noodle

It’s open since 1965, and one of famous pork noodle in Bandung. It’s delicious. You have to try it if you have a chance.

Then we go around Riau Factory OutletDago Factory OutletParis Van Java (PVJ)Rumah Mode Factory Outlet, and a lot of place.

At Riau Factory Outlet, we visit Heritage and Cascade.

We decided to eat lunch at PVJ, and I got lost. The drive drop us near food court, then we go up to looking around, and decided to go down via escalator, and got lost. I couldn’t find the food court again. Fortunately, I found some restaurant in the underground floor, so we decided to eat in there.

Macaroni and Cheese

We bought a lot of clothes because it’s cheap and has good quality.

We didn’t realize that the time is 5 o’clock in the evening already, and we stuck at traffic jam from Rumah Mode FO. We arrive at hotel at 6 o’clock, and hurry up to prepare for the wedding party.

Fortunately, the wedding party only took place at the hotel, so we didn’t have to go out again.

After about one hour attending the wedding party, we decided to change back our clothes into casual and shopping again at the mall.

The Festival Citilink Mall is not like the expensive mall like Trans Studio Mall (Bandung Supermall). A lot of cheaper fashion in here. And they have a lot of shop.

After walk around the mall, we bought mineral water and some snack, and then go back to our room to rest.

Good Night…

Bandung D1 # West Java – Indonesia

Today, we go to Bandung, because one of my relatives married and held a wedding party in there. We go there by train, because the flight from Yogyakarta to Bandung, only there’s 2 times, and it’s afternoon and evening. And we want to explore more of Bandung City, so we decided to go by Train which depart at night.

We take Turangga Train from Yogyakarta to Bandung.

There’s three train station at Yogyakarta and the biggest is Tugu Train Station. The other station is Lempuyangan Station and Maguwo Station.

We arrive at Tugu Station at 20:00. We park in the side part of Station. Because I bought via Travel Agent System, I have to change the voucher into the real ticket. At the station Entrance, there’s self-print computer for those who wants to print real ticket. You have to use your voucher boarding pass to print the ticket.

Enter your booking code into the machine, then they will self-print your ticket.

Then we proceed to the railway platform. Before we entering the platform, we have to check our indentity first.

The train to Bandung, located at platform 4 – 6. So we are waiting near there.

At 21:15, the Turangga Train is coming. Then we proceed to the train. Our seat located at 2nd carriage. So we go there. There’s not much passenger, because it’s not holiday season.

Our train is executive type, so we can turn around the seat. Time to sleep, because we will arrive at Bandung at 05:21.

Remember to bring your jacket, socks, and other things that can keep you warm. Because it’s super cold inside the train. Even they give you free banklets and pillow, but you still need to bring extra.

Good Night, see you in Bandung…

1 Day Shopping in Bandung D2 # West Java – Indonesia

We go from 1 area shopping to another. Dago, Riau, and also Kartika Sari. We bought a lot of things, like clothes, and also food.

For lunch, we go to Le Marly Pantry.

Le Marly Pantry
Jalan Citarum No. 10
Bandung, Indonesia

Daily open : 7.00 am – 10.30 pm
Breakfast : 07.00 am – 11.00 am
All Day Menu : 11.00 am – 10.30 pm

This is my 2nd time to eat here. For the drink, just try Mojitos.

Le Marly Pantry:!menu-/cgjh

Then we continue to shopping. Until it’s time to go to train station.

Car Rental :: Aneka Trans Car Rental Bandung # West Java – Indonesia

We decided to rent a car today. And our choice was Aneka Trans Car Rental.

Aneka Trans
Jl. Natuna No. 5
Bandung, Indonesia

We ask them to pick us at Hotel at 08:00 o’clock. It cost IDR 350.000 for 12 hours (exclude fuel, driver tips). We rent for Avanza.

The driver come at 08:00 o’clock at hotel. His name is Mr Tia. He is a nice driver. He help us to arrange our journey for 1 day.
The service was good. You can use this rental if you come to Bandung.

Cihampelas Walk Bandung D1 # West Java – Indonesia

After check-in and drop our luggage, we walk to Cihampelas Walk. Only 1 minutes walk from the hotels.
We decided to eat dinner first.

Then we walk around and shopping. So many Factory Outlet in there, and the price was reachable. Not too expensive. Still okay for shopping. Some of them was really cheap.

After walking around 2 hours, we decided to go back to hotel. And guess what, it’s raining. We didn’t expect it to be raining, so we didn’t brought any umbrella or poncho. So we decided to buy the cheapest umbrella.

When we go back to hotel by walking, the car in there was not good. Sometimes, they purposely splash us with the water which flooding at the street. OMG~~ How uncomfortable.

But finally, we arrive at the hotel.


Hotel :: Amaris Hotel Cihampelas Bandung # West Java – Indonesia

At Bandung, we stay at Amaris Hotel Cihampelas Bandung, which near CWalk (Cihampelas Walk).

The hotel was as same as Amaris Bandara Soekarno-Hatta Jakarta, but this building is newer.

Amaris Hotel Cihampelas
Jalan Cihampelas No.171,
Phone: (62-22) 82062688
Fax: (62-22) 82062689


It’s a budget hotel. If you only need hotel for sleep, then this is the right choice. The breakfast was various too, even not too much. But it’s still good.

Jakarta to Bandung by Cipaganti Shuttle # Indonesia

From Jakarta, Me and my cousin drop by Bandung for 1 night to shopping. We rode Cipaganti Shuttle from Jakarta to Bandung.
At Jakarta, we decided to rode the shuttle from:

Jl Gunung Sahari, Mangga Dua Square, Lt GF, Blok A No 241-242
Telp. 021 6231 3227


Jl Dr. Djunjunan No 143-149

It cost IDR 90.000/person.

The rode was smoothly. It’s raining when we are on the way.
But the driver seems not so kind enough. When he stop in the destination, we don’t know where it is, so we ask him. But he didn’t answer us, and just smoking. How rude of him. We are a little disappointed, because we are not local people. He should telling us, where is it, because our destination is BTC, and we didn’t see any BTC building in there.

Fortunately, we are near. So we rode taxi to our hotel.