Cihampelas Walk Bandung D1 # West Java – Indonesia

After check-in and drop our luggage, we walk to Cihampelas Walk. Only 1 minutes walk from the hotels.
We decided to eat dinner first.

Then we walk around and shopping. So many Factory Outlet in there, and the price was reachable. Not too expensive. Still okay for shopping. Some of them was really cheap.

After walking around 2 hours, we decided to go back to hotel. And guess what, it’s raining. We didn’t expect it to be raining, so we didn’t brought any umbrella or poncho. So we decided to buy the cheapest umbrella.

When we go back to hotel by walking, the car in there was not good. Sometimes, they purposely splash us with the water which flooding at the street. OMG~~ How uncomfortable.

But finally, we arrive at the hotel.



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