One day trip with Friends in Yogyakarta # Special Region of Yogyakarta – Indonesia

Finally, we have planned this a long time, and today we can make it. We depart from Magelang, at 10:00 and decided to eat at Bakmi Godog Pak Kadis. Too bad, we waste time in here because we have to wait for 25.

Then at 12:00, we continue our journey to Jogja. First destinations is Jogja City Mall because we want to watch movie.

Arrive in there, we go to 21 Jogja City to buy ticket for 14:45 movie Hunger Games: Mockingjay 2. While waiting for the time, we decided to relax and buy desert. We try Ice Manias and Sour Sally.

Ice Manias: IDR 32.000/cup

Then, we try the Cinema 7D, price IDR 40.000. We can choose what movie we wants to watch, and the staff recomended us for Roller Coaster Movie, the desert.

The difference of 7D and 4D, the picture is more detailed and feel so real.

Then it’s 14:30, we decided to go to 21 Jogja City and watch the movie.

– Wikipedia

Katniss Everdeen is recovering after being attacked by Peeta Mellark, who has been brainwashed by the Capitol. The rebels attack and disable the Capitol’s weapons arsenal in District 2. Katniss tries to rally the loyalists against the Capitol, but is shot and injured in the confrontation.

Despite Katniss’ desire to kill President Snow personally, Coin refuses to allow her into battle. At Finnick and Annie’s wedding, Johanna suggests Katniss sneak aboard a supply ship leaving for the Capitol, where Commander Paylor is planning an invasion. Unable to bring her back, Coin has her assigned to the “Star Squad”, along with Gale, Finnick, and Cressida; they will follow in relative safety behind the actual invasion of the Capitol providing video of their incursion for propaganda purposes. She also sends Peeta to join the squad, even though he has not fully recovered from the Capitol’s conditioning. Boggs is assigned as the squad’s leader, and carries a holographic map (the “Holo”) to help them evade known booby trapped “pods” which line the streets of the Capitol.

As they venture deeper into the Capitol, Boggs is mortally wounded, and transfers command of the Holo to Katniss before dying. The squad triggers another pod, which releases a flood of lethal black tar. Peeta momentarily succumbs to his conditioning and attacks Katniss, pushing another soldier into the tar and killing him. The group takes shelter in an abandoned building, where squad second-in-command Lt. Jackson attempts to commandeer the Holo, until Katniss convinces them she is under secret orders from Coin to kill Snow. Katniss and most of the group escape just before a squad of Peacekeepers arrive and destroy the building, killing the Leeg twins. The Capitol broadcasts a message announcing Katniss’s death, which is interrupted by Coin, who delivers an impassioned eulogy for her, to rally the rebels.

The team descends into the Capitol’s sewers to avoid further pods, but they are attacked by a horde of genetically engineered creatures called “mutts”. Jackson, Homes, Castor, and Finnick are killed as the squad flees. The surviving team members reach the surface but are chased by Peacekeepers, and Messalla is killed by a pod. The team takes refuge in a shop, where Tigris, a former Hunger Games stylist and rebel sympathizer, hides them in her basement. Mourning the losses they have suffered, Katniss confesses that she lied about her orders to kill Snow, to which the team admits that they already knew.

As rebel forces gain ground, Snow invites fleeing Capitol citizens into his mansion for protection. Katniss and Gale join the crowd, posing as refugees to gain access to Snow. Rebels arrive and attack, killing many in the crossfire. In the chaos, Katniss pushes forward to Snow’s mansion, where Peacekeepers are using Capitol children as a human shield for Snow. A hovercraft flies overhead, and drops small parcels by parachute into the pen of children. The parcels explode, killing them. A team of rebel medics attempt to help the injured, among whom is Katniss’s sister Prim. A second wave of bombs detonate, killing Prim and knocking Katniss unconscious.

Upon recovering, Katniss learns the Capitol has been conquered, and Snow captured. When Katniss confronts Snow, he claims that Coin orchestrated the bombing outside his mansion to turn his soldiers against him. Katniss realizes that the incident resembles a trap that Gale had developed earlier. When Gale is unable to assure Katniss that the bombs were not of his design, Katniss cuts all ties with him. Coin invites the remaining Hunger Games victors to vote on a proposal to have another Hunger Games using the children of the Capitol, as a symbolic gesture to satisfy the districts. Katniss swings the vote in favor, in exchange for the right to execute Snow personally.

However, at the execution, Katniss instead shoots and kills Coin. The rebels take Katniss into custody, while Snow dies at the hands of the crowd. Katniss is eventually pardoned for her crime and returns to District 12, where she is joined by Peeta, who has recovered from his conditioning. Commander Paylor is elected the new President of Panem, and Katniss, Peeta, and Haymitch bond over their shared trauma. Years later, Katniss and Peeta play with their two children, as Katniss contemplates the nightmares of her past.


After watch the movie, we decided to eat dinner while waiting for the rain to subside. We eat at Bonchon Chicken.

Then we go to Sindu Kusuma Edupark. Sindu Kusuma Edupark open at 15:00 and it’s more beautiful at night especially when it is not raining. Too bad, it’s still a little raining when we go there.

After play for a while, we go to our last destination. Bong Kopitown Restaurant, at Sagan Kidul. We decided to go here because it has an unique decoration. Their theme is Prisoner. So it looks like we go to prisoner.

After that we go home.


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