Pak Janggut, Food Court Sailendra Armada Town Square (Artos) (1) Magelang # Central Java – Indonesia

This restaurant is new, they just opened, but already make people like their menu because they have IDR 10.000 menu.

So, when I go there for lunch, I try to eat here.

For IDR 10.000 menu, they have:
– Nasi Telor (Rice with Fried Egg)
– Nasi Bandeng (Rice with Fried Fish)
– Nasi Tahu Tempe (Rice with Fried Tahu Tempe)
and many-many more.

They also have Fried Chicken and Fried Duck.

When I go there, almost all of their IDR 10.000 menu out of stock. So I try to eat Fried Chicken.

It’s delicious. The fried chicken has it’s Indonesian taste, very tasty and crispy. When you come to Magelang, Indonesia, you have to try to eat here.


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