Singapore with Mom and Aunty D4 # Singapore

Today is our last day at Singapore. Our flight is in the afternoon. So we have time to go to Bugis. Then we ride subway to Bugis, which only 1 stop from Lavender.

We went to the Kwam Im Thong Hood Cho Temple at Bugis to pray. Then we walk around spend the time.
Then at 11:00, we back to hotel to check-out then eat lunch at Kopitiam.

Then we ride taxi to the airport.

The queue for Tiger check-in is really long. Fortunately, we go there early.

Then we walk around the airport.

Our flight is at 16:15, and the gate will open at 15:15.
At 15:15, we are entering the waiting room, then at 15:50 boarding time. Good bye Singapore, see you next time.

The fly was smoothly, we arrived at Yogyakarta at 17:30. As usual, we wait for almost 1 hour for imigration process and claim baggage.

Then we eat Suharti Fried Chicken. So yummy..

Then go home… Back to work again… See you next holiday… 🙂


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