Singapore with Mom and Aunty D3 # Singapore

Woke up, and eat at Bugis Junction Toastbox. Then we went to Mustafa Centre, which located near MRT Fahrer Park. We stop at wrong MRT at first, we stop at MRT Little India, but we didn’t see any sign of Mustafa Centre, so I asked the information and they said that I should stop at MRT Fahrer Park.
Once we went outside the MRT, just walk along the Fahrer Park Mall (under construction) then at intersection turn right. You will see Serangoon Plaza. Mustafa Centre just behind the Serangoon Plaza. If you want to buy souvenir, this is the place. A lot of Singapore Souvenirs in here, and the cost is cheaper than others.

After that, we go to Orchard. Stop at MRT Somerset. And we eat at 313 Somerset. After eating lunch, we went to Orchard Road.

While walking, we found Singapore Ice Cream which very famous. So we bought it, just for SGD 1.

We continue explore Orchard Road. We eye shopping at Takashimaya Department Store.

After a while explore Orchard road, we went to Gardens by the Bay. You can go there by subway, just stop at MRT Marina Bay (Line Red). Then exit to Gardens by the Bay. You will pass underground tunnel. Then you will come outside behind the Marina Bay Sands. Just walk through the path.

We decided to use shuttle which cost 2 SGD/person for roundtrip. The shuttle bring you from subway entrance to Canopi Area. It took quiet a while to walk. If you want to enjoy the garden, you can walk.

We didn’t enter the forest, we just roaming around.

At 16:00, we decided to go back. We almost can’t ride the shuttle because the staff said, it’s gonna be rain, and the shuttle didn’t operated at rainy day. But fortunately, still there’s 1 shuttle that operated, so we went back using that.

Once we arrived at subway, it’s raining. But it’s okay, because we plan to explore Marina Bay Sands.

First we walk in front of MBS, which you can see Singapore Landmark from there. We can see Esplanade from far away, Singapore Art and Science Museum and LV Store.

We ate dinner at Rasapura Masters, the food court inside MBS.
The sun already set, it’s 19:00 o’clock.

After that, we walk around the MBS. Buy some chocolate souvernir at CS Speciality MBS.

Then we go to the Music Fountain show area, and sit there waiting for the show and enjoy the night scene of Singapore.

20:00 the Musical Fountain Water Show begin..

The show took 20 to 30 minutes. Once it’s over, we went back to hotel and take a rest. This is our last day at Singapore.

Good Night


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