Singapore with Mom and Aunty D2 # Singapore

Woke up at 06:30, and prepare for today trip. This is the view from our hotel room. We can see Kallang River, and with the beautiful sunrise, make it perfect.

Because we didn’t bought breakfast for hotel, so we have to breakfast at the outside. Today’s trip is went to Sentosa Island which we have to go to MRT Harbourfront for rode Sentosa Express. While we go to MRT Harbourfront, we passed MRT Chinatown. So, I took my mom and aunty to Chinatown, to eat breakfast at Takpo Dimsum which located at 42 Smith Street (Telp: 058954).

Just went to MRT Chinatown, and exit A, then turn back to the main road. And walk 2 blok. 1st blok was to Temple Street, and 2nd blok was to Smith Street. Then turn left to Smith Street and walk approximately 5 minutes. You will see a lot of people eating there.

I order:

And another one dish, Har Gao. And we drink Chinese Chrysanthenum Tea.

After finished eating, then we continue the journey. I don’t know what bus number to go to Harbourfront MRT. So we go back to the subway, and rode subway to MRT Harbourfront.

After arrived at MRT Harbourfront, we straight go to Vivo City Mall, and go upstair to 3rd floor. That’s where the Sentosa Express located. The ticket cost 4 SGD/person. Then we anter the gate to ride the train.

There’s 4 station for Sentosa Express: Sentosa Station (Vivo City), Waterfront Station, Imbiah Station and Beach Station. USS located at Waterfront Station, so we stop by Waterfront Station.

Once we came out, we can see the resort.

Then we enter the USS ( I bought online for USS ticket. There’s a promo using Mastercard from 74SGD to 63SGD. I came here while weekdays. If you came here on holiday or weekend, I suggest you bought express ticket which cost extra 30SGD so you don’t need to long queue. When I came here during weekdays, the queue took 5-15 minutes.

This is my 3rd time to be here. So first, I took my mom and aunty, to Madagaskar Area. It took only 5 minutes to queue for Madagascar Ride. This is the photos that I took during the ride.

There’s Madagascar show at 11:00, but now still 10:30, so we decided to watch Shrek 4D first.

It’s 4D, you can feel the water if the movie spread the water, and also you can feel when Shrek riding the hours. Your sit will move, etc. It’s so fun.

After that, we watch Madagascar Show. Too bad, it’s too many people watch the show, so It’s hardly to take the photos. After the show, you can took picture with Madagascar team.

After that, we go to Jurrasic Park section. The show will be held at 12:00. So we rode Jurrasic Park ride first. We put our bag at locker which cost 4SGD/locker. Just put your birthdate, and your desired colour of locker. That would be your password to open the locker again. If you don’t want to get we, don’t forget to bring or buy poncho.

Fortunately, we didn’t get wet. We already hope that we will get wet because we have already wore Poncho. Haha..

Then we watch Waterworld Show. There’s 3 section of seat. If you want to get very wet, then sit in the front (blue section). If you want to get a little wet, then sit in the middle (green section). And if you didn’t want to get wet at all, then sit at the brown section. I watch this show 3 times already, and I think it’s about the some treasure and there’s a bad man that want to take that treasure. And it happens in waterworld, which the action always concluding the water. (I never watch Waterworld, so I don’t know what is the movie about.)

After watch the show, then we decided to eat lunch first. And we choose the wrong time and the wrong restaurant to eat. Because the Waterworld show just ended, and the restaurant near the show is Jurrasic Park, Discovery Food Centre, too many people go there and we have to queue to order. My aunty bought Soup Won Ton Noodle, and my mom bought Hainan Rice. And me, I bought Chicken Wings, and eat half of my mom’s rice. It took 15 minutes to queue the noodle, but it tooks almost 1 hour to queue the Hainan Rice. It’s already 2 o’clock once we finished eating.

Then we queue for Kanopi Flier. My aunty wants to ride that, so here we are, queue again. It tooks almost 30 minutes to queue. And guess what? While almost our turn, it’s rain. And really hard. But me and my aunty, keep to ride it using Poncho haha… My mom choose not to ride it.

took this photo while waiting for Kanopi Flier

You surely get wet if you didn’t wore Poncho. Haha.. 🙂

After that, we walk by poncho in the middle of the rain to The Mummy. We can keep our luggage at locker, and walk to the waiting line without get into rain. The Mummy Ride was a little thriller, but it’s fun. And guess what? The locker here is free for 45 minutes. Wow….

After that, we took our things and walk again into The Transformer. We passed by Battlestar Galactica, which not operated during that time. And silly me, at the Transformer area, there’s a cover to protect us from the rain. So we didn’t have to wear poncho anymore.

The transformer ride is the most fun attraction in there I think. It’s 3D ride, and seems like we are in the middle of war between autorobot.

Then we watch Lights, Camera, Action! show.

When we finished watch the show, the Rockafellas show just started. So I let my mom and aunty watch it first. Too many people watch the show.

But they didn’t watch it till finish. So we decided to end our trip at USS and explore the Sentosa Island.
This is the last view of USS.

While on the way out, I found a new attractions. It’s Sesame Street Ride. So we tried it and become child again haha..

And there’s a new store, Minion.. 🙂 They are so cute.. But unfortunately, it’s not open yet. 🙂
But I took photos of Minion. Too bad, the queue was tooo long, so I decided not to take photos together.

Then we came out. And rode the Sentosa Express again to Imbiah Station. I took my mom and aunty to see the Merlion. Once we came out from the station, there’s a big SENTOSA statue, with background the Merlion. And it’s too hard to take picture because too many people in there. But I successfull take my mom and aunty picture with full statue of SENTOSA and The Merlion.

Then I took them to go to the upstair of The Merlion. The ticket cost 12 SGD/person.

At first, we through some tunnel, with beautiful light and picture, as if we are inside the ocean with all of mermaids.

Then we can watch the history of Singapore and the Merlion. The show was on English, so my mom and aunty only see the picture XD. But actually, the people in front of me, skip the show, so it’s only us 3 who watch the show haha.. Seems like a private show.

After that, we enter the lift that took us to 10th floor. There’s windows that show us from we are inside the ocean (1st floor), then on the earth, and finally at the sky (10th floor).

There’s two side to visit, head site and mouth side. We visit the head side first. This is some view from Head of the Merlion

Then we go down to the Mouth Side. There’s a guard in there, that help us to take picture. If you don’t want to buy the picture, then don’t forget to took using your own camera.

After finished take photos, then we decided to back to Vivo City, then went to Esplanade, to eat dinner at citylink mall and watch laser show at Esplanade Bridge at 20:00.

We stop at MRT Esplanade, then on the way to Esplanade, we walk along Citylink Mall. We ate dinner at Asian Kitchen, Citylink Mall #B1 no. 21. We ate Twin Roast (roasted chicken and roasted pork, serve together with sauce), and Fried Rice with Egg.

Too bad, I didn’t took the picture because we are too hungry.
After eating, we continue to walk to Esplanade.

From Citylink Mall, walk down to Esplanade direction, and after you pass the door, don’t follow the sign to Esplanade again, but took the elevator which available after you passed the door. You will arrived at the park in front of Esplanade Theather. If you follow the Esplanade directions, it’s a long way, to end inside the Esplanade. And it’s really really long path. I have already 2 times try this path, and I didn’t want to follow the path anymore, so I took the elevator.

After that, we walk along Esplanade Bridge to see the view. You can also visit Merlion Park, but we didn’t go there. We only took photos from the bridge. There’s a construction in front of the bridge, I thought they build another bridge in there because it’s stand along between Merlion Park and Esplanade Theather.

While waiting for 8 o’clock, we can see the difference view between before sunset and after sunset.

And at 20:00 o’clock, the laser show begin. You can hear a blur sound of the songs.

It’s beautiful. Not many people watch the laser show because mostly didn’t know about it. Only know the water fountain show at MBS which happened at the same time, but you have to watch at the area besides LV building, in front of MBS, which we plan to watch it tomorrow. 🙂

Then we go back to hotel. So tiring today, and because of the rain, so we feel wants to sleep right now. Before sleep, I took a photo of view from the hotel room.

Good Night.. ^^

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