Trip to Wang Fu Jing Shopping Street # Beijing – China

The class hasn’t started yet, so we have time to roaming around Beijing. This time, we went to Wang Fu Jin Street 王府井 wangfujing.

Just like Singapore’s Orchard Road, or Japan’s Ginza, there’s so many shop in Wang Fu Jing. And the most fun is, we can walk in the middle of the street, without afraid to be hit by car because it’s car free street XD.

From UIBE, just ride bus (See the bus number in here:, you have to at least can read Chinese to use this website. I use the website to see what bus number to go to some place, and it’s useful.), to MRT Yong He Gong then from MRT Yong He Gong, you rode subway to MRT Wang Fu Jing and you arrived at Wang Fu Jing. There’s the big department store, and also book store beside the department store. From subway, you will came out from the department store. Then just walking around.

Thanks to my friend 爷爷 *yeye* who took this photo. 🙂

PS: When I’m In Beijing, the subway line was not as many as nowadays. There’s no line purple (line 5) yet. But I see that there’s more line, which make it easier to using subway.


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