my First Snow in Beijing – China

It’s been 2 days, and my roommate hasn’t come yet. I just hope that she is kind and nice person.When I woke up, seems like the morning darker than before. And guess why? It’s snowing. It’s my first snow during my life. And it’s beautiful, and also cold.. haha.. 

I saw it from my terrace room, and it’s sooo cold. My room facing the north gate of UIBE, and in the photo was the view of building in the north gate.

I still don’t have any winter clothes, only scarf and usual jacket. So It’s really cold. I go to Nit & Vi’s room (my friends) then we walk around the campus, and took some photos.

Then when lunch time, we ate lunch together with others. Today, was cap go meh, the 15th day of the first month in Chinese Lunas Year, and the end of celebration of Chinese Lunar Year. It also called Lantern Festival 元宵节 yuanxiaojie. And also one of my Beijing friend’s birthday, so he treated us lunch.

When I’m back from lunch, my roommate, Gloria, has already inside our room with her parents. She is from USA, but she’s Vietnamese. They are very kind, and nice. They can speak Chinese, and my roommate can speak a bit Chinese. So we decided that everyday we will speak Chinese. She will stay with her parents at the hotel for a few days, so I will be alone again for a while.


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