Hash :: Kembang Lampir Bandongan, Salam Kanci, Magelang # Central Java – Indonesia

Hash runsite today is at Kembang Lampir, Bandongan Salam Kanci, Magelang. It’s located on the way to go to Kembang Lampir village. The attraction place is only about 300m along the road.

The trees form like a tunnel. It’s beautiful.

Hash :: Semali, Salam Kanci (1) Magelang # Central Java – Indonesia

Today Hash Track is Semali, at Salam Kanci Village, one of village at Magelang Suburban.

This morning, we are being welcomed by Morning Fog. It’s not too cold, but also not too hot. So fresh in the morning. 

Morning Fog

Today’s route was not too long, but a little short for me. There’s birthday party, so we didn’t walk too long. 

After walk about half hour, we back to the car parking. And the sun was already rise.

Here’s the track: