Hash :: Kembang Lampir Bandongan, Salam Kanci, Magelang # Central Java – Indonesia

Hash runsite today is at Kembang Lampir, Bandongan Salam Kanci, Magelang. It’s located on the way to go to Kembang Lampir village. The attraction place is only about 300m along the road.

The trees form like a tunnel. It’s beautiful.

Hash :: Kembang Lampir, Bandongan, Magelang # Central Java – Indonesia

At Bandongan, Magelang, Kembang Lampir Village, there’s a new top selfie place.

The tunnel is beautiful. And it’s still morning, so there’s no people in here. I heard that it will be crowded when holiday.

There’s no ticket entrance in here. Park your car / motorcycle in the end of the road.

Our hash route, is around the place and we see this small waterfall.