Kuala Lumpur & Bandar Sunway D2 # Malaysia

Good Morning.. We are so excited for today so we woke up early today. At 9 o'clock, we eat breakfast at Instant Restaurant which located beside the hotel. The boss is Indonesian people, and she is very friendly.I saw the booth, and interesting with it's roasted pork. So I ordered Roasted Pork Noodle 烧肉面 which … Continue reading Kuala Lumpur & Bandar Sunway D2 # Malaysia

Bangkok Mass Transit # Thailand

Don't worry if you go by yourself in Bangkok. The public transportation, especially the subway is so convenient. There are two kind of subway, MRTA Subway, which operated underground and BTS sky train which operated upperground. The ticket price is reasonable, and it's so easy to buy it. Credit: http://www.bangkok.com/information-travel-around/mrt.htm Web: http://www.bts.co.th/customer/en/main.aspx

Windows of the World 世界之窗 Shenzhen 深圳 D4 # Guangdong – China

Today we will go to Shenzhen and stay 2 night in there. We take fast train which only 1 hour from Guangzhou. Just go to Guangzhou Railway Station and buy the ticket in there. The fast train available every hour. Arrive at Shenzhen, we drop our luggage then we go to Windows of the World … Continue reading Windows of the World 世界之窗 Shenzhen 深圳 D4 # Guangdong – China