Hunting Flight Ticket :: South Korea Winter Escape Trip January 6-15, 2017

Airasia has another Free Seat Promotion, so me and my friend decided to hunting cheap flight. Our destination still South Korea (this is our 2nd trip), and we decided to go at Winter Season.

My 1st trip to Korea at Autumn 2014:

Firstly, we want to go at December 2016 and enjoy Christmas, but we didn’t get any cheap flight (even on early month).

So, we decided to hunting for January 2017.

And we got :

*Flight* Yogyakarta JOG to Kuala Lumpur KUL 
Friday, 6th January 2017 by Airasia at 17:20-20:55
—– Transit at Kuala Lumpur —-
*Flight* Kuala Lumpur KUL to Seoul Incheon ICN 
Saturday, 7th January 2017 by Airasia at 01:00-08:20

and back with:

*Flight* Seoul Incheon ICN to Kuala Lumpur KUL
Saturday, 14th January 2017 by Airasia at 15:55-21:40
—– Transit at Kuala Lumpur for 1 night —–
*Flight* Kuala Lumpur KUL – Yogyakarta JOG
Sunday, 15th January 2017 by Airasia at 09:40-11:15

JOG-KUL Round-way for IDR 645.500/pax
KUL-ICN Round-way for MYR 1.304,16/pax (about IDR 2.122.954/pax)

So, I spend IDR 2.768.454/pax
(without baggage, meal, and seat).

PS: There’s no direct flight from Yogyakarta to Seoul, the option is to transit at Kuala Lumpur, or Jakarta. And if I go via Jakarta, I will need domestic flight ticket which more expensive thatn international flight to Kuala Lumpur. So, We decided to transit at Kuala Lumpur (like my 1st trip).

Even I need to transit at Kuala Lumpur, but the ticket has different booking code (because no connecting flight), so that means at Kuala Lumpur, I need to pass the imigration and take my baggage, then 2 hours before flight, I need to check-in again, and pass the imigration again.

If you have situation like this, make sure to spare 4 hours minimum incase there’s delay or unexpected situation. And make sure you take the same company flight.

We have not buy any baggage, meal or seat, and we plan to buy them when it’s almost departure time.

Don’t forget, we bought the ticket for the next 1 year, so it’s really cheap, but you have to wait for more than 1 year, even you won’t know if you can go or not.

To buy Cheap Ticket, you have to remember. Don’t expect cheap ticket at holiday season, and try weekdays if you hardly get cheap ticket on weekend. And when it’s time and you can’t fly, then there’s nothing you can do except let it go.

Flight Ticketing: IDR 2.768.454

Total: IDR 2.768.454


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