Hash :: Punthuk Sukmojoyo & Pos Mati, Magelang # Central Java – Indonesia

Located at Dusun Krinjing, Giri Tengah Village, near Borobudur Temple, this place is still unknown to many people. Just to go Borobudur Temple direction, until you see Manohara Hotel, go straight until the second intersection, then turn right. And follow the path until you see a car station.

Then from there, you can go by “Ojek” / motorcycle, pay for IDR 30.000 to visit 2 locations: Punthuk Mongkrong & Punthuk Sukmojoyo.

This time, because we go there for hash, then we walk until Punthuk Sukmojoyo (short path). The way to there is uphill, so prepare a comfortable shoes and drink.

This is the place to park your motorcycle
There’s so many vegetables around, the most famous in here is Ginger

You need approximately 30 minutes to climb. But the view after is so amazing. If you plan to visit on sunrise / sunset, then count your time carefully.

This is Punthuk Sukmojoyo

Punthuk is the peak of a mountain.

view from Punthuk Sukmojoyo
There’s a facility to enjoy the scene, if you brave enough, you can stand in the bamboo and take picture.

From Punthuk Sukmojoyo, you can go to Punthuk Mongkrong but the way to go there is so dificult. So we go back down but through another way. We passed Pos Mati Diponegoro. The way to go here is so dificult. If you never experience climb mountain, better you back by the first path and then ride motorcycle to go to Pos Mati.

This place is good choice if you have time to go on trip.


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