Seoul D6 and back to Indonesia (BGSDNMK) – SK Trip # South Korea

Wake up at 4 o’clock then ride taxi to bus station at 5 o’clock because the airport bus schedule is on 05.50. We decided to ride taxi because our luggage. And it only took 5 minutes. The bus has already in there and it cost W10.000/pax to Incheon International Airport.

The road take 1 hours. After we arrive in there, we proceed to tax refund counter. It’s easy. Just go to the counter to check your shopping that wants to refund, don’t forget, don’t put your buying staff inside the luggage first. So after you got a stemple, then you proceed to the refund self-counter. Scan your passport, and your receipt, then the computer will tell you how much will you got.

If you didn’t understand how to do this, ask the staff. They will help you.

Prepare much time before boarding.

After that, we put our buying things to our luggage, and proceed to check-in.

After that we go to subway station to refun our card which happened that we could refund at convenient store. And that’s our mistake. The subway station is so far away from international departure and we waste time in there.

After that we eat breakfast on the 2nd floor of International Departure.

We passed Everysing SMent Shop.

Then there’s a lot of restaurant and food court. We eat the food court. You can order on the cashier, then you will got a number. Just wait until they call your number and you can take your order.

This is also one of our mistake. It tooks time, and we didn’t realize what time is it now. So we just eat and enjoy our waiting. We thought that it’s still a long wait.

Then we proceed to imigrations, and take our money on refund counter. After that, we need to ride the monorail to our waiting room.

Out from monorail, when we ride the escalator, we heard a calling, Airasia to Kuala Lumpur. That’s when we realize, it’s only 5 minutes before departure time. OMG~~~ 5 minutes before departure time and not boarding time. I make a quick react to scream “It’s us…” Then they ask us to run. Fortunately, we have prepared our boarding pass so we directly boarding.

We sit in the back, and so many people saw us haha.. It’s embarrased.

Next time, If we wants to roaming around the airport, we have to come earlier. It’s our mistake because we didn’t predict the time too.
I never experienced this things, and this is my first time and hopefully my last time. I didn’t want to risk to missed the flight.

Then we said goodbye to Korea. See you next time…


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