2014 May – Booking Hotel in South Korea

Agoda and one of bank in Indonesia held a promotion, so I decided to booked the hotel. I booked the hotel in Busan and Seoul, because I only stay at those 2 city.

I got not too expensive price.

The hotel in Busan, just renovated. And once I booked the hotel via Agoda, the owner gave me email, that told me how to go there. And the renovated hotel looks nicer.

I have already booked the hotel in Seoul once I got the flight ticket. I booked it directly to the hotel, because some of my friends already booked it before. So I just make addition booked. And fortunately, they stil have vacancy bed. I booked dorm room. 🙂 It’s cheaper.

And because some of my friends will be back early than me, so I decided I move to other hotel in the last day. And I have already booked it via agoda using the promotion.

Now just counting the days and prepare for the itinery.. 🙂


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