Pangandaran Beach D1 # West Java – Indonesia

Today, I went to Pangandaran Beach with my family. We went there by car. We departed at 06:30 from Magelang. Usually it took 5 to 6 hours if no traffic.

We passed Purworejo city. We decided to follow short cut path. And it wrong choice. The road was wavy, and we have to drive slow. 
Then we passed Kutoarjo – Prembun – Kebumen – Karanganyar – Gombong – Sumpiuh – Buntu – Jatilawang – Wangon. We went to Bandung direction.
Once we arrive at Wangon, we turn left. Then we turn right to Jeruk Legi. Usually, the road was bad and not wide, but seems like they have re-build the road. It’s bigger and no waving. A lot of new stan nearby.
Then we arrived at Kawunganten. The road was broken. We have to move slow.

Then we passed Gandrungwangu, and Sidareja. We decided to eat lunch at Sidareja. It’s 12 o’clock at noon. We eat fried chicken at Tojoyo. We usually eat here when we went to Pangandaran. It’s been 2 years I didn’t went here. Usually, every year we went here.
After took lunch, we continue the journey. We passed Karangpucung. The road was bad. But almost the end of regency, the road was good. Then we arried at Pangandaran.

We stay at Aquarium Hotel. We have been numerous time stay here. The hotel was under renovation, so all the facility was not used. And also the familysuite that we booked, was bad. Everything was not in control. 

The Road in front of Aquarium Hotel

After unpacking our stuff, we go for walk at the beach. But suddenly, it’s raining. Then we went back to hotel. At 16:00 we went to the beach again, this time we play in the water. Before 17:00 O went back to the room for take a bath.

At night, we went shopping at Lina Collections.

But I feel tired, so I went back to hotel first.

Time to sleep, tomorrow will woke up early for sunrise. Good night.. 


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