Sungei Wang Plaza & Alor Street Food # Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia

We go back to Bukit Bintang, and go to Sungei Wang Plaza to eat dinner. (Web: Once again, it’s hard to looking for the foodcourt because the sign inside the mall was confusing. But at last, we found it. And guess what, that time there’s a bonus buy 1 get 1 for Nasi Lemak. So we decided to eat that. It is really cheap. 😀

After eating dinner, we explore the mall but most of them are closed already because it’s already 9 o’clock at night. Then we decided the next morning to explore the mall again.

We go back to the hotel, but then decided to go to Alor Street because my uncle wants to looking for Karaoke Mandarin VCD. Alor street is the famous food street in Kuala Lumpur.

If you patient enough, you can looking for dinner in here. There’s soooo many food here. We also bought durian.

After walking around, we didn’t found any booth that sell karaoke VCD. They only sell drama series and movie. So we go back to the hotel for rest.

Good night… 🙂


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