Bangkok, the capital of Thailand

I haven’t talk about Bangkok itself. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand.

With a population of over eleven million inhabitants, by far Its largest city and Its high-rise buildings, heavy traffic congestion, intense heat and naughty nightlife may not immediately give you the best impression. But don’t let that mislead you. It is one of Asia’s most cosmopolitan cities with magnificent temples and palaces, authentic canals, busy markets and a vibrant nightlife that has something for everyone.

Bangkok is a huge and modern city humming with nightlife and fervour. Administratively, it is split up into 50 districts (เขต khet), which are further split into 154 subdistricts (แขวง khwaeng), but these are more often used in official business and for addresses.


I never thought that I will like this city. Just like Jakarta, but with more convenient public transport and more comfortable. I like to walk in the city, even in the day or night, everything is wonderful.
The people is nice, even they barely say English, but They are kind and helpful. The stuff is cheaper especially on Fashionmall or floating market.

I would like to go here again, and also explore another city in Thailand. Maybe Phuket or Pattaya, next time, I will go there.


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