Gubuk Makan Mang Engking (1) Sleman # Special Region of Yogyakarta – Indonesia

Gubuk Mang Engking, is a restaurant. “Gubuk” is shack / hut in English. You might be curious, why a place name shack can be a restaurant?

Indonesia famous of its nature. And some or restaurant in here, not a star restaurant but a simple one.

Gubuk Mang Engking is some example. It builds in the center of field and fish pond. Located in small village, far from the noisy of big city. The building was not made by bricks, but by bamboo. So that’s why it called “gubug” or shack.

The first restaurant, located near my hometown. Approx 45 minutes from my hometown, Magelang either Yogyakarta by car.

The “gubug” now also has its branch in some big city in Indonesia but the scene and nature is different. For example, the building in Yogya, located in near Jl. Godean (near Mirota Godean), and it is not a shack, but a castle. The name is, Mang Engking Soragan Castle.

The special menu in this “gubug” is shrimp. It’s not seafood, but from fishpond. The famous one is, Roasted shrimp with honey. It has sweet taste.

Altough I like sweet, but the Roasted shrimp with honey was too sweet to me. So, when I’m here, I always order Shrimp wish Oyster Sauce and Fried shrimp with butter. Besides shrimp, there is also Gurami Fish. You can order it grill or fried. Either is delicious. And for the vegetables, you can order Ca Kangkung (Leafy Vegetables). The most favourite drink is Dawet Ice. Dawet or Cendol is a traditional dessert at southeast Asia. It likes Jelly.

Too bad, I don’t have the picture of the food yet. But, once I took it, I will share it here.

Address: Jl. Godean km. 16 Sendangrejo, Minggir, Sleman
DIY, Indonesia
Phone : (0274)7489732 / 085868020045
Source: Wikipedia


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