Trip to 幕天宇长城 Mutianyu Greatwall with UIBE, at night go to Pepper Bars and Clubs # Beijing – China

Every end of the month, UIBE for Chinese Language Course, held a trip together. And this day, is the first trip. We go to 长城 Greatwall. There’s so many part of Greatwall. In Beijing, there’s 3 part: 八达岭 长城 Badaling Greatwall, 幕天宇 长城 Mutianyu Greatwall, and Shimatai Greatwall. This time, we go to 幕天宇 长城 Mutianyu Greatwall.


There’s 22 watchtower at 幕天宇 长城 Mutianyu Greatwall. Because I enjoy took photos much, we didn’t have a chance to reach the top watchtower.

And for go downstair, we ride slide. It’s fun, and less tired.

Path from Bus parking to Greatwall Entrance
View from Entrance
It’s the end of winter and the start of spring
The Mutianyu Greatwall
View from Greatwall
Mutianyu Greatwall
Mutianyu Greatwall, still long path
Mutianyu Greatwall
The view from onf of Watchtower
If you can’t walk to long, then there’s cable car to go upstair, even not until the top.
We are going down, seems so high

The trip finished in the afternoon. Then my friends decided to go to the bars because today is Saturday. So I tag along. We went to Pepper Bars & Club. I never been at bar before, so this is my first time. Too bad, I didn’t have the photos of the bar. We go there by Taxi.



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