First time goes KTV # Beijing – China

I’m very lucky, my friends like to singing. And here’s that KTV in China is very famous, then we decided to try it. There’s one KTV near UIBE. We often see it when we go outside from North gate.

KTV is a singing place. But because we are in China, so never wish for English / other language songs in here. All the songs here is in Chinese and using Chinese Character, no Pinyin. So if you didn’t memorize the lyrics, you can save it in your smartphone XD..

I forgot the KTV name, it’s a small one and near the university. We go there once at night. (I think the name is – 钟情星河俱乐部KTV (北京市东城区和平里东街12号 – 12 Hepingli E St, Dongcheng, Beijing, Tiongkok)

PS: we only went there once, and then next time, we go to another better KTV


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