Macau 澳门 and go back to Guangzhou 广州 D7 # China

We have half day in Macau, and decided to walk around. We go to near Macau Tower area and see some church and temple in there. We go back to Guangzhou by bus. There's some bus station in some hotels in Macau that go to Guangzhou, you can check it on website. We passed Zhuhai. … Continue reading Macau 澳门 and go back to Guangzhou 广州 D7 # China

Dinner Portuguese Food in Taipa # Macau – China

Our dinner in Taipa Island, Portuguese Food.

Macau 澳门 D6 # China

Today we will go to Macau 澳门 by Ferry. We go to the Shenzhen Port then buy the ticket. We took afternoon ferry. For those who Seasick, better be prepare before depart. It's quiet calm, but because you will stay inside the boat, you will feel seasick. We passed the bridge that link Shenzhen and … Continue reading Macau 澳门 D6 # China

Going to Guangzhou 广州 D1 # Guangdong – China

My cousin come from Indonesia to Guangzhou and we plan to explore Guangzhou - Shenzhen - Macau. So today, I took flight from Beijing to Guangzhou with my friend. It's National Day of the People's Republic of China holiday. We have about 1 weeks holiday. The sky is very beautiful on the way from Beijing … Continue reading Going to Guangzhou 广州 D1 # Guangdong – China