What requirements needed for travelling on / after this Pandemic Corona Virus?

It’s already May 2020, and almost June 2020 and the corona virus still didn’t show any reduction. I won’t talk about this corona virus, because I’m not a doctor, and I’m not a scientist so I don’t want to talk about false news.

Here, I want to talk about travelling on / after Pandemic Corona Virus.

As far as I knows, some country will open their domestic route soon. The economic situation is on the line in this situation and seems like Corona Virus still didn’t show any reduction. So some country decided to go with the flow while protecting people from Corona Virus. A lot of health measuring is a requirements to do all basic life.

From what I see, nowadays if you wants to travel on domestic route in Indonesia especially, you have to provide some documents and doing some screening test in the airport. Especially, when we will celebrate Eid-Al Fitr Season in 24th-25th May 2020.

Still no one allowed to go back home to celebrate, but the flight route is open for those who needed to do some business or for health care.

You have to show the statement why you want to travel, and health certificate, then arrive at Airport at least 4 hours before departure to passed the screening test by doctor.

Different airline has different requirements, but at the airport it’s all the same. You have to wear mask, bring your own hand sanitizer and wet tissue, and take care your ownself.

Here’s I want to try to inform some Indonesian Airlines requirements for travelling in Pandemic Corona Virus 2019.

Stay tuned for updates…


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